Explained – What is 3D Massage Technology?

Massage chairs have come a long way. The common traditional massage chair was designed to provide massages to the users’ back, neck, and shoulders. On the other hand, robotic chairs are equipped with 3D massage technology and motors that offer vibrations, ensuring complete body massages.

There are three types of massage chairs available based on the technology they use. These chairs are 2D, 3D, and 4D massage chairs.

The article focuses on 3D massage technology and its benefits. We provide the answer to what is 3D massage in this article. Read through our article to gain insight into the essential information regarding this technology. If you are looking to buy one head over our article that discusses the best 3d massage chairs.

What is 3D Massage Technology?

3D massage technology allows the rollers of the massage chair to protrude 8 to 10 inches from the track or surface. The rollers move up, down, right, left, in, and out to ensure intense massages to the neglected areas of your body. It provides a deeper massage experience to your upper shoulder and upper neck areas as well.

The 3D technology also performs a full-body scan to customize the position of the rollers according to your shape and size. Hence, it provides a custom fit massage that ensures maximum relaxation and comfort.

It also enables the roller heads to protrude through every required inch of your body. Thus, 3D massage improves your overall experience by offering deep tissue massages.

What is 3D Massage?

This video explains what is 3D massage technology.

Advantages of 3D Massage Technology

There are various benefits associated with 3D massage technology. Let us take a look at these advantages:

Deeper Massage Experience: 

The 3D massage rollers provide a thorough massage, even to the neglected areas of your body. The rollers protrude through every inch to offer deep tissue massages. Hence, 3D massage technology ensures an intense massage experience.

Improves Blood Circulation:

3D technology ensures intense full-body massage. It improves blood circulation and increases oxygen level. Hence, it manages to keep blood pressure in check, preventing heart attacks and other heart-related diseases.

Relieves Pain and Stress:

This technology combines heat to ensure warm massages to your neck, calf, shoulder, arms, and lower back areas. It massages the neck and moves to target the glutes and hamstring muscles. The kneading massage relieves pain, stress, and tension, ensuring maximum relaxation and comfort. (Ref.)

Adjustable Roller:

The best part of the 3D massage technology is that the height of the rollers can be adjusted. It enables you to adjust the intensity of the massage. You can set the speed of the rollers according to your requirements and preferences.

Relaxation and Comfort:

3D massage feels like a real-life massage. It resembles the massage provided by human hands. The rollers move in all directions to ensure maximum relaxation and comfort. You feel rejuvenated after getting a massage in a 3D chair.


It is affordable compared to 4D massages that offer similar benefits. It is an ideal option for those looking for a budget-friendly option.

2D vs 3D vs 4D Massage Technologies

2D massage technology utilizes rollers to offer massages to various parts of your body. The rollers move up, down, left, and right. On the other hand, the rollers with 3D massage technology also move in and out in addition to the other movements of 2D rollers.

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Massage chairs equipped with 2D massage technology is the cheapest type available. 3D massages are more expensive compared to 2D. However, they offer maximum benefits, functionality, relaxation, and comfort.

The latest massage technology is taken a step further with the 4D massage technology. The rollers of 4D massage chairs can automatically go faster or slower to massage your glutes, hamstrings, and leg muscles. The technology differs in terms of functionality and price. 4D massages are more expensive compared to 2D and 3D.

Does 3D Massage Technology Improve Massage Experience?

3D massage technology enhances the intensity and depth of the massage. It ensures maximum benefits and relaxation to the user.

It also enables you to adjust the height of the rollers. Hence, you are able to control the intensity of your massage.

Thus, it improves the overall massage experience by offering optimal comfort. It also enhances body posture and balance.


We draw a conclusion from this article that 3D massages offer maximum health benefits and advantages compared to the other massage technologies. This technology enables the rollers to protrude 3 to 5 inches more than 2D massage technologies. Hence, it provides deep tissue massages, even to the neglected parts of your body.

Thus, it is better to consider buying a massage chair that is equipped with 3D massage technologies. These chairs relieve stress, pain, and tension while ensuring rejuvenation and relaxation.

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