5 Exercises your kids can do every day

There is no doubt in the fact children who exercise are healthier when compared to those who don’t. This is one way to keep your child healthy and also make fitness a priority in life. No matter how busy your child is during the day, saving some time for exercise is crucial. When a habit of exercising is inculcated in the children when they are young, it helps them throughout the life. Initially, you have to start with easy exercises your kids can do every day

Giving at least an hour to exercise games will be very helpful to the children in keeping them healthy as well as fit. Many children fail to dedicate an hour to exercise, and one of the reasons to this is the lack of motivation. Apart from giving some time to exercise, one hour of exercise games will do the needful. Exercises do not have to be strength and weight training. Making your child do push-ups when they are young will not do any good. Most children run away when they hear exercising, but parents should go with exercise games to keep them motivated.

Some exercise games help the children in many ways. Before you start motivating your child to make it a habit, it is important to know the health benefits and also consult the doctor. The paediatrician is the right professional to help you whether the particular exercise is good for your child or not.

Below is the list of the health benefits that your kids can help with regular exercising:

  • They become more active
  • They have stronger bones and muscles
  • Fewer chances of becoming overweight
  • Better and positive outlook towards life
  • Lower blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes

Apart from the above-mentioned health benefits, children who exercise regularly also sleep better. They understand the benefits of sleeping early and rising early which can help them a lot in the future. They even have a better mind to handling physical as well as emotional challenges and do not stress out often in life. A regular habit of following exercise games can help them more when they grow up.

Are you having a tough time motivating your children to exercise regularly? If yes, you need to follow the below mentioned five exercises your kids can do every day which is as good as games. Once they know about these exercise sets, they would certainly love to incorporate them into the routine.

List of the five exercises your kids can do every day:

Crazy races

There are many fun variations to the regular race which help the children to exercise without even them knowing it. The crazy races mentioned below are an excellent way to build muscles and upper body strength. Ask your kids to play relay race which switches between the below-mentioned exercises:

  • Crab Walk: Ask your child to sit on the ground with the feet and hands on the floor. Start walking forward by lifting your butt. Walking backwards and sideways can also help build strong thighs, abs, and arms.
  • Bear crawl: one of the best exercises for strength conditioning is bear crawl which is followed by many football players even today. You may think that such exercises are not for children, but kids should do this for some time only unlike football players who practice it for more than 30 minutes. Keep your hands and feet on the ground; lift your butt and start running forward. Your child would get tired very soon, and that is the way it should be.
  • Moon lunges: this one is known as one of the best leg and hip building exercises. Take your right foot forward (biggest step forward), lower the left knee to the ground, stand up and repeat the same with the left leg.
  • Burpee: Jump forward, get down and do a push-up. Quickly get up and then repeat the same thing.

Circuit training

Rather than opting for the mundane gym routine for your children of which they often then boored, the circuit training including yoga pose, sports drill or any other exercise is beneficial. This is one exercise game that can be played indoors as well but better played outdoors. Set up different circuit stations including strength training, balancing games, flexibility etc. keep one thing in mind that the preschoolers should be at every station for less than 30 seconds.

Swimming pool games

Kids Swimming in Pool

One of the best summer activities for kids is swimming and it gets better when you make them play pool games. Playing pool games makes the swimming session more fun as well as challenging. For instance, throw pennies in the pool and ask your kids to find the treasure. Reward the one who finds the treasure the fastest. This will motivate them to play the games more often. Another example can be, ask the children to keep a ball in the air for the longest time. The one who drops it has to do a few laps. This will make them exercise them. Just make sure you do not keep more than 2 laps as punishment.

Obstacle games

The best way to engage kids in outdoor activities is obstacle games. These games are great for the children because they compete with time and not each other. Make certain that you include games that your children can play and do not get an exhausted son. Including games such as Frisbee toss, hula hoop, bike ride etc would be beneficial.

Good events

The best way to keep the body as well as soul happy is by doing charity work. This is something that the kids would realise when they grow up. Helping others will make them feel good and inculcating this habit in them during the young days will be great. Let your children pull a wagon to collect books or ask them to water the neighbour’s plants.

The list of exercise games mentioned above will benefit the children to a great extent. Make certain you supervise your child during the exercise games and help them learn something new every time.

David Donal is the chief editor at BBHQ. He is living example to show the age doesn’t matter to stay fit & do exercises daily. With many years of experience in the health industry, he reviews products and writes about them here to help every end-users.

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