5 Ways Towards Fitness

To be fit, one should be healthy by the mind as well as the body. Keep your thoughts focused and dedicated to achieving fitness. Here are few tips to achieve fitness and improve energy levels easily and quickly. It does not take much effort or money for designing an effective workout program.

Equipment like dumbbells, exercise band, tubing and pull up bars are needed. These can be easily purchased at home. One can keep them at home and create a routine to be fit and fine. After fixing your mind, plan your diet in order to maintain a low calorie one, which would help burn more calories. Maintain a regular time for work out such that body gets tuned to the schedule and prepares for all body aches.

Here is the Infographic about 5 Ways Towards Fitness

5 Ways Towards Fitness

  1. Hit the Gym

Joining a gym can be one of the best investments to have a good health. Try to take up a gym membership to have a regular routine. Research studies say that 75 minutes of daily activity can improve health to a better extent than working out at home.

It is a myth that people go to the gym only for building body and muscles. But this is not the case, people should go to a gym regularly for daily workouts to obtain better body metabolism. After having a stressful exercise, one will feel energetic instead of being lethargic. These days, a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diets have become a part of our lives. This scenario has to be changed for a healthy generation.

  1. Go for Camping

Camping can be an enjoyable activity that can be done in a bigger crowd or with friends, depending on your preference. Multinational companies also chose camping as one of the team building activities for betterment.

One of the benefits of camping is that one can do it anytime on camping grounds. This can help people to get exposed to wonders of nature and trees where they can get fresh air. Surrounded by the greenery, one can get high quality oxygen which is essential for a healthy life.

Enjoy the freshness of the air; feel light and relaxed while camping. Therefore, it is even suggestible to plant trees near the office and other workplaces for fresh air, to avoid the polluted air in the city.

  1. Go swimming

Swimming is one the best ways to lose weight and it is great for both body and mind. It helps you in managing weight as it burns an enormous amount of calories while enjoying the swim in the water.

It can reduce the stress levels and helps to improve the self-esteem. Research says that swimming in water helps in building confidence, concentration as well as results in body fitness. It would be refreshing to take a swim after a long day, as the body releases a feel-good hormone called serotonin.

Swimming can actually strengthen muscles, since it is hard to move water continuously. This can be an affordable way to strengthen muscles with a low-impact exercise. The workout has great ease of movement with less strain on joints and bones thereby improve sleep cycle and lower the risk of diseases.

  1. Get your dancing shoes on

Dancing can be done by just turning on a radio in your own room or can be done at a club or class. Some people may not like going to the gym regularly, and such people can try dancing as a routine workout to become fit.

Dance can be a great form of exercise and it provides both anaerobic and aerobic movements. It adds swaying, jumping, twirling etc. Anaerobic exercise includes lifting somebody else or yourself, balancing and holding squat positions.

There are huge possibilities to get a complete workout through dance. This kind of workout is not boring. One can create new dance moves and can also try few formal dance moves like ball room dance or ballet. If one likes modern dance, they can opt for jazz or hip-hop.

It can be less boring than running on a treadmill and jogging every day. Dance can be a form of creative outlet and you are free to opt your choice of music. It helps improving flexibility as the muscles are stretched and the body physical health can also be improved to a great extent. Dance can improve your blood circulation and cause sweating which releases the toxins out of the body.

  1. BMX Biking

There are many benefits of opting BMX biking, one of them is becoming fit. It involves a lot of physical activities which keep you in shape. The riding can be challenging and pushes you to new tricks and progresses the level of riding BMX.

Riding can also let you make new friends from different parts of the world with various backgrounds. Biking can be a challenging and exhilarating sport still it improves the cardiovascular system. You should also choose your BMX bike carefully and to maximize the efficiency of your exercise.

Pedalling can be a good workout for your leg muscles, helps in burning calories as well as in maintaining a healthy weight. It can tone arm muscles by letting you lift the handle bars of BMX. BMX biking is quite enjoyable and gives you an active lifestyle. One can enjoy exploring various places and enjoy the fresh air.


Shanna Carey is a fitness freak who is active all the time. She is a part-time writer at BBHQ to share her knowledge & experience in fitness. She is a certified personal fitness trainer.

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