Beginners Work Out Plans for Men at Home or Gym to Lose Weight

As we enter the 21st century, one of the greatest accomplishments to be celebrated is the sustainable pursuit of fitness. Gaining fitness is a matter of pride and enjoyment since the beginning of man’s existence. Throughout prehistoric time, man’s quest for fitness has been driven by a desire to survive through hunting and gathering. Today, though no longer driven by subsistence requirements, fitness remains paramount to health and well-being. Here is the article discuss about work out plans for men that can be done at home and gym.

What actually drives a man to be fit nowadays? If we look too deep we will find a lot of reasons. Stay fashionable is a big fact for the boys now. And to do those men can’t stay bulky. It is sad but true that being oversized has become a matter of joke in men-zone. Every other man wants to pursuit a well-shaped toned body. But it is not a matter of a day to turn your body into shape. It takes a great deal of dedication and planned approach to be fit.

To become fit, rough and tuff exercise is not way. An inclusive diet is a significant part of staying fit. You must have a planned routine for workout. Just exercising doesn’t make any improve; you have to it in the proper way. You must focus on every body parts and perform the exercises for them. If you are having the idea of starting workout; don’t hesitate. Start from today. Set up a goal. Mark dates on the calendar and plan you exercise and diet. Let me give you a brief plan how you can map up. At the beginning do try to perform any heavy intense workout. Try to go gradually. Here I am discussing some of effective exercise for different body parts. Let us have a look at workout plans for men to lose weight and even to to build muscle.

Best Work Out Plans for Men


Increasing one’s flexibility should be the first goal before starting a fitness program. In fact, if you are thinking about beginning a fitness program and you have been idle for many years, you should stretch for an entire week prior to starting running, lifting weights, or doing any calisthenics exercise. It is OK to walk to warm up however. So, your first 1-2 weeks of starting a fitness program should consist of the following stretches 1-2 times a day, drinking 2-3 liters of water a day, and walking, biking or some other non-impact low intensity cardio activity for 10-15 minutes. This is simple and easy beginner workout plan for men thy can do at almost every where.

Work out plans for men beginners

Some Example of Stretches

Arm / Shoulder Circles – Rotate your shoulders slowly in big circles forward and reverse for 15 seconds each direction and as if you were swimming the backstroke and front crawl stroke.

Chest / Shoulder / Upper Back Stretch – Grab onto pole or wall and twist opposite of your arm until you feel the stretch in your chest and shoulder connection. Repeat with the other arm. Option two the swimmer stretch: If you can grab your hands behind your back and pull your shoulders back standing upright with chest out. Then role the shoulders forward and take chin to chest.

Shoulder rotations-This movement helps warm up the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint and is a great one to do if you are about the throw a ball or just need to work on full range of motion of the shoulder.

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Work out Plan – Exercises for Upper Body

Regular and knee Push-ups – Lie on the ground with your hands placed flat next to your chest. Your hands should be about shoulder width apart. Push yourself up by straightening your arms and keeping your back stiff. This exercise will build and firm your shoulders, arms, and chest. Use your knees if necessary to complete the repetitions in the workout.

Assisted Push-ups – Using a piece of furniture to place your hands 3-4 feet off the ground, lean into the furniture or wall. Straighten your arms, back, hips, and legs and push yourself off of the firmly placed piece of furniture. Bend your arms so that your chest touches the furniture. Repeat as required. This is a great way to start out if you cannot do any push-ups at all.

assisted push up Bench Dips –Sit on a chair, bench or small table. Place your feet about three feet in front of you as you sit on the very edge of the seat. Now, grab the edge of the seat with your hands, lift your butt off the seat and lower yourself about 4-5 inches below the seat by bending your arms at the elbow.

Lower body Exercises

Squats – Keep your feet shoulder width apart. Drop your butt back as though sitting in a chair. Concentrate on squeezing your gluts in your upward motion. Keep your heels on the ground and keep your shins should be near vertical at all times. Extend your buttocks backward. Do not keep your buttocks over your feet and extend your knees over your feet. This picture is a half squat – if you can go down lower without pain then does so.

Stationary Lunge – Take a big stride forward. Bend both knees as you lower yourself so your front thigh is near parallel to the floor. Lift yourself up so your knees are straight but your feet have remained in the same position. If you have bad knees either avoid the lunge exercise or only go half way down.

Here is the beginners work out plans for men for 4 weeks you can plan and do at home or gym.


Regular Crunch – Lie on your back with your feet and knees in the air with the knees bent. Cross your hands over your chest and bring your elbows to your knees by flexing your stomach. Keep your feet on the floor if your lower back is weak or previously injured.

Reverse Crunch – In the same position as the regular crunch, lift your knees and butt toward your elbows. Leave your head and upper body flat on the ground. Only move your legs and butt.

Double Crunch – Lie on your back with your feet in the air. Cross your hands over your chest and bring your elbows to your knees by flexing your stomach AND lift your hips off the floor as if you were doing a reverse crunch. This is two crunches in one movement. (Do not do if you have previous lower back injury)

Losing fat and taking your body fat percent down is not as easy task. You’re going to need a great support team to help you stay on track. Make sure to get enough quality sleep per night to ensure you can recovery well in between workouts – shoot for 7-9 hours per night. Drink plenty of water spaced throughout the day. Let me end by rephrasing a quote from fitness great Adam Bornstein: “Eat for the body you want, not for the body you currently have. We hope above simple work out plans for men will be useful to follow at home or gym without equipment most of the time.

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