5 Best Beach Blankets to Rock on the Sand

Visiting the beach and enjoying the cool breeze that seashore has to offer can be the alluring thing to do in the summer. If you are like me, you might find yourself spending hours in the cool water of the sea and siping the juice. Though lying on sand can be fun, the need of the best beach blanket and beach tent can’t be denied as it is necessary to keep yourself protected from the sand. Also, they will help you to avoid your car seats from getting salty and sandy 😉

There is a wide range of beach blankets that you can buy online from various stores like Amazon. Some are explicitly designed to use on the beach and lightweight so that the user can easily carry them to the beach.

They are often called as beach mat and can be used just to seat at the beach or they can be used in outdoor settings. Though all beach blanket serves the only purpose of providing the sand-free area to seat at the beach, companies that manufacture them started adding several features to stay ahead of the competition. Now, you can buy waterproof blankets, blankets with several sand anchor packets, multipurpose beach blankets and they often designed in various shapes.

Getting the right beach blanket that fits your need may not be an easy task because some might love circular blanket while others may like yo use sand proof blanket. Before you dive into the search of perfect beach blanket for you, pay attention to the following points.

5 Cool looking best beach blanket in 2019

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket – Editor’s Pick

‘WildHorn Outfitters’ is one of the emerging company that deals in quality products that are suitable for camping and outdoor sports. They started in 2015 and when it comes to beach blankets, they are one of the top sellers on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews.

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket.

This beach blanket is huge in size and when spread it provides around 63 square feet of area for users so that your entire family can relax on the beach. On top of that, it is compact and has stuff sack with compression straps which helps to compress it in a 6 x 7-inch pouch. It is a portable blanket made from the durable, breathable, lightweight material which company claims to be 100% parachute nylon. It is a sand proof outdoor blanket, so you don’t have to worry about the sand getting stuck with the blanket.

Apart from its quality material, the best thing about this beach blanket is that it has inbuilt zippered pockets and sand anchors. Zippered pockets can protect your beach gears like sunglasses, sunscreen, keys, etc while sand anchor helps to keep the blanket down and prevent the mess. Not only it serves the purpose as a beach blanket, but you can also use it for your any outdoor adventure.

It can work as an outdoor mat so you can spread it in the garden while on a family picnic. Though it is one of the leading outdoor beach blankets, there are few concerns that we need to point out like if the surface is wet it will won’t prevent you from getting wet as it becomes wet easily. Also, if the sand is hot it will become equally hot.

Overall, this blanket wins our heart not only with its aesthetic and cool look but with its huge size, portability, and five different variations.

WEKAPO Sand Free Camping & Beach Blanket – Best Buy

This one is from ‘WEKAPO’ and is a bit costlier than the WildHorn Outfitter blanket. It can also be used as a camping blanket or as a picnic mat.

Though it is an oversized beach blanket that measures around 10’x9’, it is a compact blanket that can be folded and kept in attached compression slack which makes it a portable item to carry around. It weighs only one pound and comes with four anchoring loops which are useful to secure the mat with help of provided 4 metal stakes. But Wekapo is diligent enough to provide two extra metal stakes in case you lost one or two, you don’t have to worry. Securing beach blankets with metal stakes prevent the mess caused by the sudden wind.

It also has weightable pockets at four corners which can easily be filled with the sand or your belongings. Also, it is made from the quality material which can be washed with the machine and it is a breathable, durable beach blanket that comes with sand, moisture, and heat resistant feature so that user can enjoy the breeze and sunbath without worrying about sand heat and moisture. Currently, it is available in green, purple and blue color. Overall it is one of the top beach mats that every beach lover needs to have at their arsenal.

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ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat Blanket

Made from advanced polyester fiber material, this blanket from the ‘Abeter’ is durable, lightweight and sand resistant like other blankets on this list.

Though there is not a major difference when it comes to its features when we compare it with the other two blankets we have reviews so far, it has some unique design. It has two mesh layers put together with dual-waves technic that allow sand to slide down from the top layer while the bottom layer prevents sand from the beach to enter on the mat. It has four anchor hooks, one at each corner which can be hooked down with provided four nails to avoid mess caused by a sudden wind.

It is large enough to accommodate the 3 to 4 person and when coupled with a beach towel it is one of the best beach blankets to have. Usually, it filters out the sand be large stones remain on the mat but if you are using the towel on top of the mat it won’t be a thing to worry about.

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Kahuna Parachute Beach Blanket

As the name suggests, this beach blanket is made from parachute cloth nylon fabric which is one of the primary reason it is a lightweight and a durable beach mat.

It is an 8’x8’ sized blanket which can provide enough space for around the four persons, no matter whether they are sitting or sunbathing. It is a multipurpose beach blanket that can be used as a camping blanket, picnic mat or can be turned as shed to get protection from the sun. It has 12 perimeter pockets and four anchor hooks to keep it down and to avoid the sudden blow away from the wind. Some pockets even have zip to secure your valuable belongings at one place. This oversized beach blanket snuggles perfectly in a travel pouch so that you can carry it anywhere. It is available in four stunning colors and has unique triangular color designs. If you are looking for colorful, durable, lightweight beach blanket that doesn’t go heavy on your pocket then the ‘Kahuna Parachute’ beach blanket is the answer.

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HZJY Outdoor Picnic Blanket for Beach – Cheap

No wonder almost all beach blankets from this list fit into a 6 to 7 inch slack but HZJY outdoor picnic blanket is a bit different than all of them as it fits into the 4-inch long pocket and very easy to carry.

It is four people outdoor blanket that can be used as a beach blanket. It is a water repellent blanket that strongly resists sand, dust and can easily washable. Due to its lightweight, it dries out easily after wash and easy to pack into the backpack. It is available in four colors and comes with anchor loops & sticks to keep it down.

Overall it is one of the best travel blankets to use for outdoor pursuit or for sunbathing on the beach. It can be a perfect gift under $15 for those who love outdoor activity or to travel

After going through detailed features of several beach blankets and reading the reviews of hundreds of real users we have come to the conclusion that the best beach blanket is one which repels the sand, dust, water and is lightweight, portable, durable and easy to wash. Our vote goes to the ‘WildHorn Outfitters beach blanket’ which is costlier in this list. But if you are on a tight budget and want something that cost less money but provides equivalent quality then go for the ‘HZJY outdoor picnic & beach blanket’.

If you are an avid visitor of the seashore or outdoor enthusiast then do not forget to check out our tips that you need to practice before going to beach trip. Also, if you are using some other beach blanket then let us know what you use in the comment section.

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