6 Best Elliptical Under $500

Don’t you have the time to visit the gym and exercise? If so, what’s better than bringing the gym to your house to make exercising simpler? Yes, buying the right elliptical according to your needs will serve the purpose. There is no need for you to go to the gym and the fact is you can exercise at any time of the day. Isn’t that amazing? That’s why today, we have compiled the list of best elliptical under $500 for you.

The moving hand grips, as well as adjustable resistance, provide you with a more intense and full-body workout with just one piece of equipment. Most people think that the elliptical costs thousands of dollars but gone are those days when you had to spend a lot on buying it. Since there are many options available today, you will find elliptical that are reasonably priced as well. The expensive equipment has more advanced features apart from the basic ones. Depending on your needs you can make a decision. Below mentioned are the essential factors that you need to ensure in the elliptical type you wish to buy.

Proper exercising equipment can be costly but make certain that it is not the only thing that you need to keep in mind while buying one. Following is the essential buying guide that you need to bear in mind other than the advanced features because most people tend to forget the basics of the advanced technological features:

Best Elliptical Buying Guide

Try before you buy

Trying the equipment before buying is the best thing that you can do. In case you opt to purchase it online, then look for a dealer that money back facility when you return. Your friend might be comfortable exercising in a particular model, but the same may not be the case with you. Thus, trying a few strokes is recommended.


Another important primary factor that is important is the size of the elliptical. This is something that most people do not tend to consider while buying the elliptical but it plays a significant role. Consider the space available in your home before finalizing the size so that you do not end up regretting the decision you made.


The elliptical is not like the treadmill. While the treadmill allows you to move free, the elliptical will constrain your movements. Thus, it is vital for you to make certain that how comfortable you are using the machine. Make certain that while exercising you maintain an upright posture and holding the handgrips does not force your wrists into an uncomfortable position.


Another essential factor that needs to be considered is the exercise intensity. The elliptical has a variable resistance. Ensure that pedaling at the lowest setting is simple and difficult to pedal when on the highest resistance.


Last but not the least in the list of essential factor consideration, is the safety. It is the most important factor but the least considered. Elliptical are not recommended for children. Thus, if you have kids at home, make sure they do not use it as they may get pinched in the moving components.

List of the best elliptical under $500

Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical Trainer

Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical Trainer under 500

An elliptical provides full body workout and exercising on the Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical Trainer is certainly worth it. The quality design allows your upper body to work out in sync with the lower body.

The Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical Trainer has a perfect size for home & has been reviewed as a best elliptical under $500 by several fitness experts. Even if the size is compact, your workout will not get affected. The LED console will help you track the workout time, speed, heart rate, calories, and distance.


  • Compact size, suitable for home or office
  • Full body workout
  • Eight magnetic resistance settings
  • LED console
  • Small foot pedals
  • Equipment remains stable no matter what the resistance setting is
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February 4, 2023 3:29 am
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Schwinn A40 Compact Elliptical Machine

Schwinn Compact Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn A40 elliptical machine is a premium quality fitness equipment that offers the best performance at an affordable price. The 8 levels of resistance and 7 preset workout programs provide a challenging and versatile workout session at the comfort of your home.

It comes with a large LCD console that allows you to track speed, time, calories, RPM, heart rate, and distance. The streamlined design is teamed with ergonomically placed fixed and moving handlebars that ensure flexible hand placement.


  • 17.5’’ stride length with precision path foot motion technology.
  • Heart rate contacts.
  • 7 workout programs.
  • 8 resistance levels.
  • Large LCD console.
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February 4, 2023 3:29 am
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Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer

Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer with Curve-Crank Technology

The Body Power 2-in-1 elliptical stepper trainer combines the movements of an elliptical trainer and a stepper to provide a full-body workout session. It is powered by the curve-crank technology that ensures zero impact and an ultrasmooth experience.

The compact design enables it to fit in any space. Also, the front rollers ensure ease of relocation. The 2-in-1 elliptical stepper trainer offers 8 levels of resistance control to keep you on your toes.


  • LCD computer with built-in media-shelf.
  • It comes with 2 sets of built-in foot pedals with flat and open-back platforms.
  • It features front rollers for portability.
  • Maximum user weight: 250 lbs.
  • 8 levels of resistance control.
Last update was on: February 4, 2023 3:29 am

Xterra Elliptical Trainer

Xterra Elliptical Trainer - Best eliptical under 500

A worthy addition to the list of best elliptical under $500 is the Xterra Elliptical Trainer. The 14 inches machine can move backward and forward with ease. One of the best parts of this equipment is the LCD screen, which is 5 inches large, which makes it simple for you to track your health progress. The different programs help you control your heart rate.

With the 16 resistance levels, it is perfect for a family with different needs. The 17lb flywheel keeps the trainer’s movements smooth no matter the resistance level. The soft cushioning on the handlebars makes it comfortable for you. Also, the cushioning around the handlebars track your heart rate.


  • Smooth and comfortable 14 inches stride
  • 16 resistance levels
  • 17lb flywheel for smooth movements
  • Cushioned handlebars
  • Large LCD screen
Last update was on: February 4, 2023 3:29 am

Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer

Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer

This one is a unique machine that which is an elliptical and a stationary bike at the same time. For those who want to do intense full body workout at home can choose this option. According to the users when compared with other elliptical available in the market at similar prices this machine has better features and offer more comfort as well.

When it comes to its comfort, this equipment has a seat when you are using the stationary bike mode. The health program will help you monitor your health progress and keep a track of it becomes simpler for you with the LCD on the equipment. The instruction manual guide available with the machine will help you eliminate the need of a trainer, so go through it thoroughly.


  • Brilliant combination of elliptical and stationary bike for extra benefits
  • LCD screen to track health progress
  • Reasonably priced
  • Different resistance levels
  • 14 inches stride for better results
Last update was on: February 4, 2023 3:29 am

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

One of the best and most compact elliptical in this list is the FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical. Just as the name says, it can be positioned under your desk. Thus, in case you do not have the time to exercise, it is now possible to do it at your office when you get free time.

A handle and wheels will help you take the equipment to places. The flywheel makes exercising smooth and noise free. If you are a beginner, the desk stand will help you workout without any troubles.


  • Compact size fits under the desk perfectly
  • Eight magnetic tension settings
  • Foot roller for aching feet
  • Smooth and quiet pedalling
  • Wheels and handle make it simple to transport
  • Reasonably priced
$278.00 $362.79
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FAQs about Elliptical

Which is better elliptical or treadmill?

A treadmill is a suitable option for race and sports training. It offers an intense workout session by mimicking the movement of natural running. On the other hand, elliptical trainers offer low-impact workouts. Hence, it is safer and ideal for those with knee, hip, and ankle issues.

How long should I be on the elliptical?

You should be on the elliptical for 5 to 20 minutes for strength-training warm-up. However, maximizing the cardio benefits of the machine will require you to ride the elliptical for 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Which body parts the elliptical target?

Elliptical trainers work on both your upper and lower body. It targets your glutes, hamstrings, calves, anterior tibialis, and quadriceps.

Where should you put an elliptical in your home?

Elliptical trainers should be placed on the flat and clean ground of your home. Also, ensure that it is close to an electrical outlet.

Will elliptical help with belly fat?

Elliptical trainers work better on your lower body. It is important to follow a proper cardio routine that allows the elliptical to affect your lower and upper abdomen. This will help you lose belly fat. However, you also have to maintain a balanced diet.


The above-mentioned list of best elliptical under $500 can help you choose the right according to your needs and budget. These ensure that the machines are available at a reasonable price as well as are worth every penny. From the six ellipticals mentioned we had shortlisted 2 and those are Body Champ 2 in 1 Cardio Dual Trainer and Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer. Make certain that you consider your requirements, as well as the budget before, make a selection.

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