Best Leg Exercises with Dumbbells for Men and Women

Very often, when we exercise, we give more importance only to the upper portion of our body. This makes us look inappropriate and have an imbalanced body structure. So, we need to understand the importance of a balanced body structure and exercise regularly for the lower portion of our body as well. A lot of strength of our body comes from our hips and legs. And using dumbbells is a great way to have stronger hips and legs. Here are some very effective and best leg exercises with dumbbells for men and women that will make your legs and hips stronger and give your body a balanced structure.

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4 Simple and Best Leg Exercises with Dumbbells


Dumbbell Squat

This is one of the most common and easiest dumbbell exercises for strengthening your legs. The main aim of using a pair of dumbbells in the squat is increasing the intensity and effectiveness of the squat. Start with a fairly comfortable weight; stand straight up holding the dumbbells and sit straight down (make sure to keep your palms facing the sides of your legs). The width of your legs should be as wide as your shoulders to have a solid base and balanced position. Continue giving the squat for 20-50 times (make a set of your own). Choose 20/30/40 whatever the number of squats you feel comfortable with and make sure you take rest for 1-3 minutes between sets. At least 4 sets are recommended. This exercise can be easily done at home by men or women. You do not need t visit gym.


Dumbbell Lunge

Dumbbell Lunge is another very effective and very common leg exercise with dumbbells. This is one of the best leg exercise for women with dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells just as mentioned in the dumbbell squat (palms facing the sides of your legs), stand with your torso upright (this is the starting position), step forward with your right leg as far as you can reach and feel comfortable, bend your left leg and touch the ground with the left knee keeping your torso upright. Make sure you inhale while you go down. Then, push up and get back to your starting position and come forward with your left leg and touch your right knee to the ground. Continue the process for 10-40 times and make your own set. This leg exercise with dumbbells also recommended to do 4 sets at a time.


Dumbbell Deadlift

This one is more like dumbbell squat. Catch the dumbbells as usual, hold them in front of your thighs keeping your feet as wide as your shoulders, go down bending your knees keeping your hands down, and go straight up. Continue the process for 10-50 times (make your own set). The below video can give good guidelines about doing dumbbell deadlift which can help your legs to get fit.  At least 4 sets are recommended at a time continuously.


Goblet Squat

This is another effective and easy leg exercise wit dumbbell to strengthen your legs. Simply grab a dumbbell and stand with your legs just a little beyond shoulder-width apart, cup one end of the dumbbell with both of your hands holding the dumbbell vertically in front of your chest with your elbows pointing down and go straight down. Then, stand up and come to the starting position. Continue the process for 10-40 times (make your own set). This also can be done at home without visiting gym for your bodybuilding.

These are some very common yet so very effective leg exercises with dumbbells you can try and strength your legs. The most important part is keeping the balance right while doing these exercises. And also make sure to pick the right dumbbells.

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

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