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Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2020 – Under 500, 200 Dollars

In this small review, we are going to list some of the best mountain bike brands for the money you can spend in 2020. These brands make good mountain bikes which suit from beginners to advanced bikers. Mountain Biking is always one of the best adventure activities you can take part in. But safety should be given the highest importance every time you go on a mountain biking adventure and having the perfect mountain bike is always the key. Every industry has some good, average and bad brands.

Buying a product from an average or bad brand might not be a good idea. That is why you need to know about good mountain bike brands in the market before buying a mountain bike for you. We have done the hard work and found some of the best mountain bike brands based on best frames, tires and other materials used.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2020


Best Mountain Bike Brands - DiamondbackDiamondback is one of the best mountain bike brands for a long time now. Established in 1977, Diamondback is known for offering a wide range of low to mid-price range bicycles. From BMX to mountain bikes, Diamondback bikes are good choices for people of all ages. They have a variety of bikes under 300, 500 and 1000 dollars for beginners to advanced users. With one of Diamondback’s mountain bike, you can expect o handle difficult terrains that you may encounter on off-road adventures and rough trails. Wide tires and strong frames of Diamondback Mountain bikes ensure you easily overcome any obstacle or shocks while biking.

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Schwinn Mountain Bike Brands in 2020

Schwinn - Mountain Bike Brands

Another renowned and best mountain bike brand in the market is Schwinn. Established in 1895 in Chicago, Schwinn has been supplying a wide range of bicycles with great pride for a long time. Currently, Schwinn is a subsidiary of Pacific Cycle. Schwinn mountain bikes are known for their strong built, chic design, quality material, and affordable price. With Schwinn, you can expect to get a durable and strong mountain bike at a good price. They have some of the 2020 top-rated mountain bikes under their brand. They build mountain bikes for men, women, and children under each price range like $200, $300, $500 and $1000.

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Mongoose bikes

Mongoose is a subsidiary of Dorei industry. Established in 1974, Mongoose offers a large section of mountain bikes, BMX and street bicycles for general use. One notable feature of Mongoose mountain bikes is the exploitation of lightweight alloys and magnesium that make the bikes sturdy and stylish. You can comfortably overcome the challenges of rough terrains and trails with one of Mongoose’s mountain bikes. They make cheap and best mountain bikes for the money.

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Merax bikesMerax might not have a wide range of products as the previous three bike brands but you can still expect to have several high-quality mountain bikes with all the features you may ask for in a mountain bike. Merax mountain bikes are lightweight, strong and sturdy, easy to assemble. Like most other brands mentioned in this list, the prices of Merax mountain bikes are low to medium ranges.

Last update was on: October 6, 2020 9:11 am

BEIOU Mountain Bikes

BEIOU mountain bike brands under 500BEIOU is different from the all 4 previous brands. While the range of mountain bikes offered by BEIOU is not any less than the previous ones, the price differences are huge. So, BEIOU’s mountain bikes are better in terms of quality and the prices are a lot higher accordingly as well. In fact, BEIOU mountain bikes are good for professional mountain bikers as well.

Last update was on: October 6, 2020 9:11 am

These are some of the popular and best mountain bike brands on Amazon in 2020. But there are other popular and famous mountain bike brands such as Giant, Trek, Cannondale, GT, Scott in the market but not selling their products on Amazon. You will get the free and faster shipment from Amazon when you buy from them.

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