Best Pop Up Tents – For Hustle Free Camping Tent Set Up

Looking for portable, lightweight and easy to set up tents that pop up like corn? Then the pop-up tents are your best bet. You even don’t have to worry about drilling down the screw of tents as most of these best pop up tents don’t have those!

These are the modern solution that aimed to save the time of camper and survival enthusiast so that they can focus their mind on nature and other important activity rather than struggling their way to set up the tent. You know, how time-consuming it is to set up the regular tents. The best pop up tent uses the power and elasticity of steel wires to accomplish the shape of a tent.

The pop-up tents look similar to your regular camping tents but they can be folded in such a manner that when you unpack them, they will automatically open up and regain the shape of the tent. You just need to unzip the cover and rest things will be completed automatically.

If you are a regular camper who loves nature, like to hang out with family and friends in the wilderness, and love visiting the abandoned places of hills then the best pop up tent will be appealing to you.

List of Top Pop-up Tents in 2019

Oileus 6-person Pop up Tents for Camping

‘Oileus Outdoor’ is one of the few companies that provide big pop tents that can accommodate the 6 persons. The whole tent is folded and wrapped with a strap to hold together. You just need to remove the strap and throw one end in the air to set it up.

Oileus Pop up Tents Camping 4 to 6 Person Tent Sky-Window

As like most of the camping tents, this tent uses the polyester material, 14 steel stakes, and 10 guylines. When opened, it measures around 114-inches long, 58-inches wide and 51-inches high, which means it encloses the sufficient space where approximately 6 persons can rest at a time. It has two large sized mesh doors, 2 mesh windows on the side and one big mesh roof window which keeps air flowing in the tent while keeping the bugs out. To close and open the mesh, the user can use the provided zippers with double head. Though it is a water resistant tent, the manufacturer advises not to use it in the extreme weather or harsh environment.

Overall, it is one of the best 6 person pop tents for camping which has sturdy built, enough space, ventilation, easy to set up and provides great value for money.

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Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent (Editor’s Choice)

Coleman is known for its quality camping tents and been dealing in the various camping related products that allure the campers and survival enthusiast. No wonder Coleman 4-person pop tent is also built with the same quality by Coleman.

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

It is easy to set up, quality built and multi-person pop tent which takes just a few seconds to set up and is loved by hundreds of campers across the globe. This tent surprise user with its three different ways of set up. The ‘Conventional pitch’ require around 10 to 20 minute to set up the tent and is designed for those who love to involved in setting up the tent while those who like to set up the tent but also want to save on the time, the tent comes with ‘Fast-pitch’ that uses the color-coded pre-attached poles and hub. This makes easy to set up the tent and takes 50% less time than the conventional pitch. Though these two settings is good, the entire aim of pop tents is to save the time and energy on setting it up. So, Coleman added the ‘Instant Setup’ pitch to this tent. Just unfold the tent, extend it to the right shape and secure it down and you are good to go. The whole procedure takes less 10 seconds.

Apart from the instant set up, Coleman pop up tent has a wind-strong frame and protected seams to avoid the wind and rainwater entering the tent. Also, to keep the floor dry it has a waterproof floor. Even zippers are covered with the cuff to prevent water leakage.

The tent is durable and spacious and can accommodate the four-person comfortably. It is 9 feet and 2 inches long and 6 feet 6 inches wide. Center height measure around 3 feet 4 inches and weighs around 7 pounds. It comes with the two storage pockets to keep your camping gears. Overall it is the best pop tent for casual camping for four persons and does not go heavy on your pocket as it is priced just above the 60 dollars.

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HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent

Though the company ‘Hui LingYang’ started in 2011 and is a fairly new to the outdoor gear manufacturing, it has won the heart of several outdoor campers with its winning products. This instant pop up tent is one of the quality tent built with a vision to provide shelter and enough space to 4 campers.

This tent is made up of the polyester material and like other pop tents, is really easy to set up. It just takes a few seconds to do so. Its windows are made from the mesh to keep the ventilated as well as mesh will help to prevent insects from entering the tent. Apart from that, you can turn the window to a rain fly. You just need to attach a guyline to the loops that are provided below the window flap and then secure it to stakes near to the tent. Overall, HuiLingYang outdoor pop-up tent can be a great choice for the casual camping where weather is not harsh or one can utilize them for family gatherings or outdoor recreational activities.

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Night Cat Camping Tent for 2 to 4 Persons

Don’t like what we listed above? Or you just don’t want to have a tent that pop-up automatically, yet want to save the time setting it up? The solution to these problems lies in the ‘Night Cat Camping Tent’

It is a pop-up tent but it does not typically pop-up as others do. It requires a bit manual intervention to setup but anyone can set it up within a minute or two, thanks to its automatic hydraulic pressure enabled stakes which makes it easy. The double layer roof makes it stand out from other tents in the market and the top layer of the roof can be taken off to use as a pavilion for fishing or beaching. Apart from this, it is a roomy tent that can accommodate the 2 to 4 person and has enough space to lay down the queen or king size air mattress. It is made from 210D durable oxford fabric, fiberglass poles and uses an abrasion-proof fabric for the floor.

The tent has two doors, double sided zipper, indoor pockets, and buckles which makes great features. You can store your small accessories in the pockets and can zip or unzip the rainfly from booth side. Overall, it is a great pick if you are planning a car camping with family but you have to make sure that the tent will not expose to harsh environment or heavy rain.

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Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

As we discussed earlier, Coleman requires no introduction when it’s come to the outdoor gears. This pop-up tent by Coleman is as same as the one that we reviewed earlier but has less space and cheaper than that.

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

It is built for the 2 people and uses the fire as well as water resistant polyester fly. The tent unfolds within 10 seconds and the pre-assembled poles to make a camping tent for two persons. It is a lightweight tent that measures around 7 feet 6-inches in length, 2 feet 11-inches in height and 4 feet 5-inches in width. The best part is, it comes with taped floor seams which prevent persons from getting wet even though the ground is soaking wet. Not the floor seams but all other seams are sealed well to prevent the water leakage during rain and has zipper cuff to guard the zippers. The tent has the rainfly that are positioned to keep the ventilation intact while preventing the rainwater to enter the tent. Overall, this tent can be a good choice for the 2 persons and can be used in clean weather, mild wind or in some rain. It folds and unfolds the fast and fairly priced tent.

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2 Person Pop Up Tent for Beach and Camping Adventure

Our list of pop up tents featured the tents that are made for casual camping in clean weather but there are people who love to be at the seashore and also like to camp occasionally. For the same reason ‘Abco Tech’ came with a perfect pop up tent which can be used at the beach and for camping.

Pop-up Tent an Automatic Instant Portable Cabana Beach Tent for 2 Persons

Though it is more camping type of tent and has all the necessary features that camping requires, one can use it at the beach as it has perfect stakes and floor that make it beach tent. The tent has a double door and can accommodate the 2 people at a time. As like other tents on the list, this is easy to set-up. Mesh windows help to keep the bug out while allowing you to enjoy the breeze. What we like about this tent is it comes with steel stakes, tent carry bag and a one more carry bag which can hold your accessories in place while you swimming in the sea. It is a portable, lightweight and easy to use a tent that occupies the less space in your car. Overall, if you are looking for a tent that can meet both the need of setting it up on the beach as well as for camping then this can be a good choice and it’s a cheaper option too.

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Best Pop-Up Tent – Buying Guide

The popularity of pop up tents are increasing day by day and people believe that they are the best options for backup tents which can easily be utilized for camping.  But buying a perfect pop tent can be a cumbersome process. Not only you have to pay attention to its wires, but you also have to consider the same things that you will look in a regular camping tent like size, durability, weather protection, portability, etc.

Here are some things that you need to consider while buying a pop tents –

1. Elasticity & Durability of Wires

Usually, pop tent uses the steel wires around which the tent material is sewed. These are elastic of durable metal wires. They are molded is such a way that when tent is folded they aggregate the elasticity and as soon as you unzip and releases the tent, they will pop out and form the shape of tent sod does the fabric sewed around them.

While buying a pop tent you need to see if these wires are elastic and powerful enough. If require visit nearest shop and see various brands so that you will get an idea about which brand has good tents.

2. Size of Tent

As like other camping tents, you need to see how much space these pop tents have to offer you. If you are planning a festival camping with family then you will require a tent with maximum space so that your family can fit into it.

Often, most of the pop tents are designed to provide enough space for 3 to 4 persons. But again as brand changes, the size may vary. Some tents are wider while some tents are taller so that they can provide enough interior space.

3. Weather Protection

To achieve the maximum portability, pop tents often designed to be light and compact. But this may raise concern whether they are capable to provide enough weather protection. Unfortunately, the answer is negative if you are planning to camp in extreme weather conditions. As pop tents utilize the thin fabric they can’t sustain the harsh weather or heavy rain.

To minimize the impact of harsh weather you can cover the tent with a tarpaulin sheet. It can also be used beneath the tent. But doing this takes away the whole aim of buying a pop tent. Remember we are planned to buy them just because they are easy to set up and takes only a few seconds? Covering tent with tarpaulin sheet will eat up your time.

But these tents are great to use as secondary camping tents of for family camping in backyard. If you are camping in the area which is know to have clear weather you can opt for pop tents. Its all depend upon where you are heading for camping.

4. Durability and Portability –

Pop up tents are durable and portable. Though they use thin fabric, it is made from the durable material. Also, most tents use steel wires that are durable enough to sustain heavy use. Usually, pop tents are lightweight and accumulate less space when folded.

These tents can be folded down in circular or elliptical shape and can be placed inside a specially designed zip bag which often comes with carrying handle.

5. Ventilation

After setting up properly, these tents looks almost similar to the regular camping tents and has enough ventilation options. Some tents have a patch of net so that air can flow inside the tent while some has zipped window to keep it a well-ventilated tent.

6. Ease of Use

Pop tents are extremely easy to use, but when you are unfolding and folding them for the first time then you might need to pay little attention as they require certain kind of folding pattern to follow in order to keep them in a place.

Price –

Before you set to buy a pop tent you need to decide on the amount of money you will spend on a pop tent. The market has several great options that range from low price to high depending upon what feature they have and how durable material is being used.

You don’t want to spend a large amount of money to buy a tent that you will be going to use for few times a year for camping, so decide how much you will spend and see if you get the good tent in your price range.

Bottom line – The pop-up tents are a great way to save time and hustle that a traditional camping tent takes. The market has several options to offer you but before buying one, don’t forget to read our buying guide which will help you make an informed decision.

Though these tents are termed as camping tents, they are not as sturdy as traditional tents and should not be used in a harsh environment. We have outlined the tents that can accommodate the couples or even the 6 persons, now it’s your turn to grab one and enjoy the effortless camping.

David Donal is the chief editor at BBHQ. He is living example to show the age doesn’t matter to stay fit & do exercises daily. With many years of experience in the health industry, he reviews products and writes about them here to help every end-users.

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