Calisthenics vs Weights – Things You Should Know

The two most common forms of exercising are calisthenics and weightlifting. These two forms are useful for making stronger bones, healthier muscles, improved stamina & keeps you fit & healthy. As you may know that weight lifting requires you to use equipment for exercising, on the other hand, calisthenics do not require you to use any equipment or devices to perform the exercises. All it includes is relying on your body weight for resistance.

In case you are confused whether you should consider calisthenics or weightlifting in your workout routine, read this article as it will state the similarities and uniqueness of both forms that will help you make the right decision. Make certain that you do not make a decision in a hurry and consider all the aspects. Also, if you want you can consult your loved ones but keep in mind your body conditions and then make a choice. This article will equip you with full knowledge about both the exercising forms.

Below mentioned are the advantages of calisthenics

  • No equipment required to practice
  • Less stress on the joints, full body workout and promotes flexibility
  • Lower risk of bone injury, strained muscles and tendonitis

Below mentioned are the advantages of weights

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Strength building
  • Resistance training

Similarities between calisthenics and weight training

  • Both the forms have the ability to increase your metabolic rate.
  • Both these forms increase heart health.
  • These types of exercises help you burn fats.
  • They help you strengthen the ligaments and thus making you practice the forms in the right manner.
  • After regularly following these forms of exercises, body fat amount reduces.
  • Just like other forms of exercises, both these options work as stress relievers as well.

What are the benefits of practicing calisthenics form into your workout routine?

Calistenics Workout

The most significant benefit of calisthenics over weights is that you can practice it anywhere because it does not require any equipment or tools. After you have learned all the techniques of this form, the only thing that you need to practice it regularly is a clear space like lunges, pushups, crunches etc. in case you want to include the fuller routine to your lifestyle, install the chin up bar to do pull ups or get a stool to do step-ups. There are a number of boot camp style classes that you can join in if you do not wish to work out alone but want someone for that push. Studies have shown that the regular 40 minute boot camp can make you burn up to 400 calories, isn’t this just great?

What are the disadvantages of practising callisthenics form?

In case your fitness goal is to make muscle mass within no time, then calisthenics is not what you should practice. Modifying a few moves can be possible, but you are restricted to your body weight. To focus more on a particular part of the body, then you will have to practice the exercise in isolation regular. In case you are a beginner, then calisthenics can help you in learning a steeper curve as the right posture is essential to complete the exercise movements successfully.

What are the benefits of practicing weight lifting form into your workout routine?

In case you wish to strengthen your muscles quickly, then weight lifting is the best method to choose. Based on your needs and fitness goals, you can use free weights or even weight machines. It totally depends on your on the equipment to choose. Also, before you make a decision of the equipment to choose, make certain that you ensure whether you have a spotter because it is always advised to use the free weights under the supervision of the spotter. Weight lifting will help you increase or decrease the resistance as required to train the particular muscle group at the right stage.

What are the disadvantages of practicing  weights?

The first and most important disadvantage of weights is that you require a specific equipment to practice all the time. You may have purchased the small dumbbells so that you can carry it wherever you want but the fact is that it is unlikely to carry it while you travel for any reason. On the other hand, when you rely on the weight training machines, you will have to visit the gym for working out which may or may not be possible all the time or you may be thinking of buying the equipment at home, but consider the price tag before buying. Just like calisthenics, lifting free weights poses the same risk of poor posture and also the chances of injury is more with weight lifting. If you are a beginner, seek help from the qualified instructor.

Uniqueness of calisthenics

  • Calisthenics like squats has shown to improve the joint and ligament alignment to a great extent.
  • Overall balance as well as stability of the body improves with practicing calisthenics forms regularly.
  • One of the unique features of this form is that it has the ability to engage multiple groups of muscles at the same time. This certainly means that you cannot focus on a particular muscle if you want to.
  • Sprinting is one of the calisthenics exercises and it has proved to improve the heart health and lower blood pressure. The motions make your heart work harder and practicing this regularly strengthens it.

Uniqueness of weight lifting

  • Unlike calisthenics, you can target muscles during weight lifting.
  • Researchers have proved that weights are an amazing way to combat osteoporosis as it helps in increases bone density.
  • More reps with fewer weights are effective when compare to fewer reps with more reps.
  • Weight lifting can help you reduce the levels of glucose and how does this work? If you practice weight lifting regularly, while working on the muscles, they increase the ability to use up more glucose from the body.
  • Weight lifting stimulates the growth of hormones as well as testosterone.
  • Weight lifting helps you to change the shape of your body and not just allow you to be a narrower version of who you are today because it helps you focus on specific parts of the body.
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