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Cheap And Best Baby Food Maker Reviews

Available from the early ’90s, baby food maker has become one of the “must have” items for new parents. It is something that surely saves parents energy and time when making fresh and quality baby foods. In fact over the years, it has become better and better. Be it banana blueberry puree, sweet potato, peas or carrots, it can prepare all foods for babies in minutes. Having one of the best baby food makers, you can expect to make all kinds of delicious baby foods in real quick time.

What To Look For When Buying A Baby Food Maker

The popularity of baby food makers has made it difficult for new parents to pick the best one as there are so many different brands, qualities, and sizes of baby food makers in the market. That’s why you need to know what features you must look for when choosing a baby food maker. Following are some important features that an ideal baby food maker should have:

Streaming and Processing in One: Initially, baby food makers were difficult to use as parents were to cook vegetables and fruits separately in a steamer and then puree them in the food processor. So, it needed lots of work and took a longer time as well. But currently, there are baby food makers that come with an all-in-one steamer and food processor. All you need to do is put veggies and fruits, and some fresh water into the baby food maker, push a button and it will both stream and process it. A second press will make the food completely ready for your baby. But there are various models of baby food makers that feature require a single press. The whole process of baby food making takes around 10 minutes. So, streaming and processing in one are one of the top features you should look for when choosing a baby food maker. But you can still go for one with separate steamer and processor if you get some extra cool features. Our list of best baby food makers include both kinds of models.

Reliability: Reliability is one of those things that make quality baby food makers apart from bad ones. Yes, there are reports of quickly breaking clips, dulled blades, melting of plastic parts and even smoking motors. You surely don’t want to own one of those products. That’s why you need to go for one that has no such bad records and comes with great warranties. All the products listed here in our article are highly reliable. You can check live Amazon product reviews to verify the reliability of every product.

Ease Of Use: Some baby food makers are easier to use than others. The fewer the steps to stream and process the food, the easier it is to use.  If it’s hard even to understand how to use the food maker, you can conclude that is not the best option you can go for. While all the products come with a user manual, you need to know how to use each before you purchase. You can check videos of each model to know how easy or difficult it is to use each product. We have made the job easier for you by picking all easy to use baby food makers in this article.

Safety: Doctors and scientists believe any food maker or processor made with plastic steaming baskets and bowls have chances of leaching into foods. Nobody wants to let chemicals leach into food. Most new baby food making systems have removed plastic screaming baskets or bowls to make the food safer for the kids. So, you must check what various parts of each food maker is made of.

Efficiency: You must be interested in investing in a baby food maker that will puree efficiently and quickly. You won’t want to check if the food is getting blended well or not and check over and over again. Poor blade design, dull blades and slow and weak motors are attributes of some bad baby food processors. For super efficiency, you need a product that comes with sharp blades, powerful motor, and a fast steamer. Again, you should not go for a baby food maker with a small bowl. Units with less than 3 cups capacities are going to make things difficult for you as it will take more time for washing, peeling, streaming and finally pureeing.

Portability: Portability can be less important than the above-mentioned features and considerations. Still, when you invest around $150 for a baby food maker why won’t you get something extra? There are baby food makers, and processors are made with portability in mind.

Best Baby Food Makers – Buyers Guide

We have done the research and found the baby food makers that are safe, reliable, easy to use, efficient and durable. Following are the best baby food makers available:

Cuisinart BFM-1000

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Bottle Warmer

You already know Cuisinart is one of the most renowned brands of kitchen appliances. This Cuisinart BFM-1000 has to be one of the best baby food makers and bottle warmers available out there. It is a perfect kitchen appliance to steam, puree/ chop and warm baby food bottles in quick time without much efforts. It 4-cup bowl makes it a perfect option if you want to prepare enough baby food for multiple servings. For efficient and quicker results, it has a steam blade that creates an even steam distribution. It comes with a very powerful motor for precise chopping and quick steaming.  Its bowl seal prevents any spitting. You can prepare chicken, pork, beef, and fish as well in addition to various vegetable and fruit recipes.

Overall, it has so many features that make it a perfect choice for new parents. The product package also includes an integrated measuring cup, bottle adapter ring, and spatula and recipe booklet. We highly recommend this product!

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BEABA Babycook, Seven Different Colors, And Various Sizes

EABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker

BEABA Babycook has some great quality baby food makers and its products offer great efficiency, safety, ease of use and reliability. While it is a bit more expensive than most other alternatives available, the extra cost worth the investment. Its 4.7-cup capacity allows you to prepare several servings of baby food at a time. The streaming container of the system is made using stainless steel that means plastic parts do not come in contact with baby food. You can use this product with one hand be it for steaming, pureeing, reheating or deforesting. The motor is quite fast, and you can expect to complete the whole baby food making in 13-15 minutes. It can operate on 120V only. You just need to put freshly cut veggies and fruits into the basket and press the button for steam. Then you dump the steamed food into the bottom of the bowl and just turn the knob for pureeing.  Both steaming and pureeing are very intuitive with this fantastic food maker. It comes with a one year warranty.

It is available in seven different colors and various sizes, allowing you to pick the best size and perfect color as per your own preferences. If you want to make fruit purees for your baby, this is the perfect fit.

You can expect to prepare everything from fruits and vegetables to fish and meats. The product is completely Phthalate, Lead and BPA free. We highly recommend this baby food maker.

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Baby Brezza Formula Pro One-Step

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza Formula Pro is not a cheap baby food maker for sure, but it is one of the most popular and best options you have. It offers no mixing, no measuring preparation of baby food. Its patented mixing technology mixes water and formula powder to impeccable consistency without creating any air bubbles. Its temperature control system heats water to 98 degrees which are the best temperature for baby feeding. The storage unit holds 700g of formula powder that you can use to make 20 bottles of 8-ounce baby food. But you can choose the size of the bottle like 2-10 ounces.

If you do not want to feed your baby only formula powder made foods; then it is not your best bet. You can choose other options. You need to clean the Baby Brezza Formula Pro on a regular basis to have optimum performance.

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Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender By BEABA

abycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker

Another popular product by BEABA Babycook, this 4 in 1 steam cooker and blender made of plastics. It can prepare tasty and fresh baby meals in just 15 minutes. You can cook meat, fish, veggies, and fruits for babies and toddlers in it. The manufacturer claims that it is Phthalate, lead and BPA free. Customers have a mixed reaction to it as it is made of plastics. Most parents find it completely fine, but few claimed the top would stain if you are not careful. Besides that, it has plenty of wonderful features. Pureeing and blending baby food is super smooth.

Everything is done in a single container, saving your time. As the bowl and basket are dishwasher safe, cleaning is easy as well. You also get a recipe book and spatula.

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Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Food Maker

Best Baby Food Maker 2017

If you are looking for a complete baby care system, look no further than this Magic bullet baby care system. Made following North American Electrical Standard, this baby food making system can prepare an entire week’s baby food in just 5 minutes.

If you are a parent of twins, you can go for pack two or pack three. But the pack one has to be among the best yet cheap baby food makers in the market. It’s handy, dated storage system allows you to prepare baby food in batches and store for future servings, saving you lots of time and energy. It comes with million blades, baby blend blade, easy pop silicone batch tray, and batch bowl and power base. It’s nearly 5 stars rating even after having over 750 reviews talk a lot about the satisfaction of real buyers of this product. Overall, it is one of the finest baby care appliances you can have to take the best care of your babies.

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Baby Brezza One Step, One-Bowl Design

Baby Brezza One Step Baby

Baby Brezza is one of the best baby food maker brands as it offers great quality and wonderful features. This one-bowl and one step baby food maker can save both your time and energy by a great deal. In the middle of your cooking, you don’t have to transfer the hot baby food to another blender or bowl due to its one bowl design. All you need to do is put the ingredients such and fruits, veggies and water into the bowl and set the steaming time. Then, the machine will complete preparing the food in quick time. The bowl holds at least 2 cups of various ingredients.  It patented technology is one of the most sophisticated available out there.

It must be called a value-packed product for the price it is available in. In fact, it is one of the most affordable baby food makers out there. All the parts of the product are dishwasher safe and BPA free. So, for delicious, nutritious and healthful baby food, you can expect to rely on this small yet amazing food maker.

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Large 4 Cup Capacity, Glass Bowl

Best and cheap Baby Brezza Food Maker

If you want to lessen the amount of time you spend preparing baby food, you need a large baby food making system and this 4 cup capacity food maker can be a good choice. It glass bowl makes it a unique option. So, no risk of plastic getting in touch with baby food. Just like all other quality options, you do both streaming and blending in a single bowl. Using is super easy due to its one-step process. Just put all the food items in the bowl and press the button, and the machine does the rest for you. Due to the larger size, the price is a little more than the average price of other baby food makers.

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Ultimate Baby Food Maker By Baby Chef

Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker

If you need the best multi-functional baby food maker, this product by Baby Chef is a cool option. You can steam, chop, blend, puree, deforest and warm baby foods. It even accommodates baby food bottles. It is unique because of two different containers; one for steaming and the other or blending. Yes, you can do both at a time. While it is not the best baby food maker in the market, it is a time-saving, convenient, easy to use and clean yet multi-functional option you have. But some live reviews on Amazon say that it is less versatile than advertised. Still, it is a quality product that you may like.

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NUK Smoothie

NUK Smoothie and Baby Food Maker

If you are looking for a good baby food maker under $50, this NUK Smoothie and baby food maker can be a perfect choice. This highly affordable baby food maker comes with the 20-piece set is good enough to prepare fresh, healthy and delicious baby food for your little baby. You can put baby food ingredients into the bowl and press the button to prepare it for your baby. It has a sippy cup for smoothies.  Its dual purpose blender makes blending and pureeing fresh baby food easy and quick. It also comes with 6 storage cups with lids.

While it is liked by most real customers, it is made of plastics. So, we do not recommend this product much as you have other cool options that are made of other materials.

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5 in 1 Baby Food Maker By Babymoov

Babymoov Nutribaby - 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker

This one is a less popular option but we include this because of its multi-functionality. It is a multifunctional 5 in 1 product that does steaming, blending, pureeing, warming, and deforesting.

Made using phthalate, lead and BPA-free materials, this food maker for your babies can prepare enough food for 25 servings at a time. You can use its two units at a time for different purposes. its 6 1/4 cup steaming bowl and 2 1/2 cup blender capacity are large enough for preparing foods for multiple babies. Its audio alerts and LCD screen make preparing the perfect baby food easy and simple. While we don’t recommend this, it remains one of the quality alternatives for new parents.

Final Note

When buying anything for your little baby, you should not compromise with quality. We have found the best 10 baby food makers for you. But we recommend you to go for one of the first few products on this list. Still, the remaining options are better than the ones we have not reviewed here. the decision is all yours. Make sure you read the questions and answers section on Amazon for each product before you buy one. In fact, the question-answer section gives you the best idea about the product you like the most. Finally, you should apply these tips in preparing baby foods for your baby to ensure health and hygiene.

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