[Generator Tip] What Is An Inverter Generator?

What Is An Inverter Generator?, in its simplest definition, an inverter generator is the generator that combines the efficiency of DC power generation with a controlled DC to AC inverter to supply clean electrical power akin to the power generated by larger standby generators or electric utilities. But it might not be good enough to understand the differences among conventional generators, invertors and inverter generators because very often, we use these terms interchangeably.

We have already covered few generator lists and review that could be interest for you. Selecting the best and suitable generator for your home or camping use should be done professionally after reading online reviews and understand the fundamental of generator working technology.

what is an inverter generator tip So, before we further explain what is an inverter generator is. Let’s know what generator and inverter mean.

Conventional Generators

The basic concept behind conventional generators has remained the same as what it used to be when the first conventional generator was invented. A conventional generator basically consist of an energy source which is normally a fossil fuel like gasoline, propane or diesel, which powers a motor connected to an alternator that generates electricity. To be useful for our household and other common uses, a motor must run at a constant speed (normally 3600rpm) to generate standard power. Most U.S. household requires 120 Volts AC @60 Hertz. The frequency of electrical output varies with the engine’s rpm fluctuations.


An Inverter is something that draws power from a permanent DC source and uses electronic circuitry to invert DC power into AC power. This inverting allows the machine to supply AC power in any necessary frequency or voltage based on the electronic equipment. In the U.S., the most common combination for consumer level use is probably 12V DC energy from RV, boat or car batteries and inverting into the 120V energy necessary for our everyday uses.

Now, let see what Inverter generator is:

What Is An Inverter Generator?

Inverter generators are comparatively latest development which is made possible by advanced high-tech magnets and electronic circuitry. There are three different phases in power generation from an inverter generator. First of all, its normal output is AC current like the conventional generators. But that AC current is then converted to DC current and finally inverted back to AC current that maintains just a single phase, a pure sine wave at the necessary frequency or voltage.

The below video can give more information and comparison about what is an inverter generator with other types of generator in the market.

So, an inverter generator uses the technologies of both a generator and an inverter. But people often call this inverter or generator and that from where is confusion arises. Even the manufacturers sometimes use these terms interchangeably. Although all three are used to generate and/or convert power, they are all different as their ways of working are different. It is worth mentioning that inverter generators are even called as “I-Generators”.

Because of the way it works, inverter generators offer multiple advantages. It reduces noise levels, lowers emissions and most importantly saves fuel. These advantages make an inverter generator simply the perfect for use in places such as neighborhoods, campgrounds, or to power sensitive electronic equipments.  I hope now you know what is an inverter generator and how it works.

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