How to Choose the Right BMX Bike for You

To have a thrilling BMX biking experience, it is always important to have the right BMX bike. There are a number of questions to be answered before making a final decision of buying a BMX bike. This article attempts to give you some key information about choosing the right BMX bike for you. BestBrandsHQ already posted few lists about BMX bikes sale and best 24 inch BMX bikes here.

selecting the best and good bmx bike

Here are the steps to follow and consider while selecting the best BMX bikes for you.

Step One: Know about BMX

If you are completely new to riding a BMX, it’s important for you to know the difference between BMX and other bicycles. Finding answers to questions like what the types of BMX riding styles are, what the companies make BMX bikes and the range of BMX bikes available should be of utmost priority to you.

Below video can give some information about selecting the best BMX bike.

Step Two: Know Your Budget

Budget is always the key in making any purchase decision. Having flexibility in setting the budget is the ideal but if you have a fixed budget, you need to find the best bike for you in your budget. But why you want to purchase a thing is equally important as well. The perfect way to set the budget is knowing your need.

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Step Three: Choose Your Riding Style, Purpose and Interest

In case of buying a BMX, you need to know the type of BMX bike you want. There are freestyle BMX bike, the dirt jumper BMX bike, the race BMX bike, BMX Overlap and BMX Cruiser. Understanding the differences among these BMX bikes can help you understand your need better. The core difference is always in the accessories. The key BMX accessories include frame, brakes, handlebars, axles, axle pegs, wheels, tires and safety equipments. Knowing ins and outs of having different kinds of accessories can always help you make the best decision but it’s not always necessary once you can choose your riding style and purpose and interest.

If you want to buy a BMX for freestyle riding, you bike should be equipped with 48-spoke wheels, smooth, road-oriented tires, a front hand brake, and a brake-cable detangler. One the other hand, Dirt jumping BMX bike should have 48-spoke wheels, off-road tires, heavy-duty axles and a chromoly steel frame with heavy-duty gusseting. Overlap BMX bikes should have 48-spoke wheels, off-road tires, a front hand brake with cable detangler, spinning handlebars, , 2 or 4 axle pegs, heavy-duty axles, and a chromoly steel frame with heavy-duty gusseting. BMX cruisers contain 24-inch wheels, 24-inch road or combination, and a high-tensile chromoly steel or steel frame. Finally, Racing BMX bikes feature 36-spoke wheels, off-road tires, and a chromoly steel or aluminum frame.

Step Four: Make Your Final Decision

Once you have chosen your riding style, purpose and interest, you can search online for the type of bike you are looking for. Say if you are looking to buy BMX for freestyle riding, you need to research on freestyle bikes only. Then, you find the freestyle BMX bikes within your budget range and finally you decide on wheel size, bike height and on key accessories. Here is a great place to know the right size of BMX for you. Now, you should be able to choose 3-5 best bikes for you from all the sizes and brands of bikes that fall within your range of riding style, interest and purpose. To make the final decision, read as reviews on some authority website to compare your short listed bikes. And now you should be able to make the final decision.

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