How to Make Bathroom Look Bigger? 10 DIY Steps

One of the most important home indulgences is having a large bathroom which gives you a luxurious spa feeling. Most people do not have the luxury of having a large bathroom due to lack of space in the city. Do you one of them & wonder how to make bathroom bigger?

People have limited space in the bathroom always want to have a large bathroom, but they are not aware of the fact that the small bathroom can be made to look larger with a few tips.

Without adding square roots, you can make your bathroom look larger and isn’t this great? Why would you want to spend in buying a new home having a larger bathroom when you make the smaller one look spacious. In case you are one of those having a small bathroom and wish to make it look bigger then there are a few tips that you need to follow. Before you consider the tips it is imperative that you know making your bathroom look larger depends on the layout. Also, depending on your style, the bathroom can look charming, elegant or even claustrophobic and cramped. You may be thinking what are the things that will help you in making the bathroom look bigger?

Below mentioned are the detailed essentials that will answer the burning question – how to make bathroom look bigger? But to name a few they are lighting, colour change, etc. This option may not suit all bathroom layouts, but we have covered most essentials.

Tips to make your bathroom look bigger

Using light colour palettes

Light Colour Palettes for Bathroom

You may not believe it, but colour combinations do make visual magic. Light palettes such as white, yellow, beige, etc. can make your bathroom look bigger, and same is not the case with the dark colours like dark blue, red, etc.

Using the light colour palette does not apply to the ceiling and walls but also your furniture and rugs. Colouring the walls light and using darker rugs as well as furniture will not do the needful. What you can do is add one or two darker accessories that can help you give a luxurious larger look.

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Keep the colour contrasts low

Contarst Colour - Bathroom Design


When you have decided to use the light colour, make sure that the contrast you use is also a light colour. Make certain that you do not choose strong contrasts for ceilings and walls. Also, installing tiles of the same light hues will make the bathroom look bigger.

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Use heights

When there is limited space, designers have to work with every space available and height is one of the important things to use to make the bathroom look bigger. Applying wallpapers having vertical stripes can make the bathroom look bigger. Usually, people do not consider putting wallpapers in the bathroom because of its sensitivity to steam. But there are many types of wallpapers on the market that are made with a special material resistant to humidity.

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Remove all the useless items

Minimalistic Bathroom


Your bathroom will have some items but what you need to do prioritise are the things necessary. For instance, apart from the things you need for your morning rituals such as toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue cleaner, shower gel, etc., is there any need to keep hair styling accessories? Thus removing all the unnecessary things from the bathroom is a wise action to take to make space look bigger.

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Reposition the towel racks

The towel racks may be the most conveniently situated next to the shower or the bathtub, but the fact is positioning the racks there can make your bathroom look smaller. Thus, when you wish to make the bathroom look spacious, place the racks at the back of your door.

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Allow light inside


A small bathroom with low lights will look smaller. Thus, to make space look bigger, allow light to enter as much as possible. Thus, installing a frosting window (so that safety is also taken care of) is the wise option to choose. The designer is the right person to take help from while you are considering choosing this option.

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Use portable storage options

One of the best answers on how to make bathroom look bigger is keeping portable storage options. This is one thing that most people forget and get expensive furniture made for space. The fact is that when you get the portable storing options, it takes minimal space and also you take to remove it from the space when it looks cluttered. Isn’t this a great choice?

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Keeping the shower or the bathtub visible

Bathroom Design - How to make your bathroom look bigger


Building partitions in the small bathroom are the worst idea. To make it look spacious and luxurious, keeping the bath tub or the shower visible is a great idea. It helps space look bigger as your eyes can see throughout. When your eyes see the partition in between, it naturally makes them know that the bathroom is smaller. Thus, the best option is to install clear glass or curtains.

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Keeping the countertops clean

One of the most important things that make the bathroom space bigger is keeping the countertops clean. When there are many unnecessary things lying on the countertops, it gives the impression that the bathroom is smaller and cramped. Ensure that you do not keep the things on the tops and keep it at the right place to make space look bigger.

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Statement mirror

Last but not the least, installing a statement mirror in the bathroom will make it look the bathroom look beautiful also bigger. Make certain that you do not opt for the regular mirror but a statement piece. This is one of the best ways to have a more open bathroom. It creates an illusion of a bigger space.

The above mentioned are a few answers to your question on how to make bathroom look bigger. Consulting a designer can be great in case you are stuck in between or confused on what to select. Before you start looking out for options, make certain that decide your needs as well as the budget so that the selection procedure moves smoothly and also you do not put in a lot of time.

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