How To Select The Best Portable Generator For Home And Camping Use

Like everybody else, you must want to buy the most suitable and best portable generator for your home or camping use. Although it might seem very easy and simple to buy a portable generator for either home or camping use, it might be a great frustration if you don’t do a few things right. Here are step by step guidelines to help you pick best portable generator.

Understand Your Need

The first thing to understand while picking the best portable generator is “the need”. Chances are you want to use the portable generator for multiple purposes, regularly in home as back up, occasionally in camping and sometimes in other purposes. Again, you might want to use it just for home or just for occasional camping. Maybe you are someone who goes camping quite often. Or, maybe you camp alone, or you love camping with a group. These needs are different and depending on the needs the capacity of the portable generator will vary. Once you know for what purposes you want to use the portable generator, you need to set a budget you are ready to satisfy your need. If you want a versatile portable generator, the capacity of the generator needs to be higher and better while if you want it just for occasional camping it can be reasonably less.

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Learn About the Kinds of Portable Generators Available

If this is first time you are buying a portable generator, you should take your time to understand the types of portable generators available in the market. There are four different styles of portable generators: recreational, emergency, semi pro and professional. They all come with different watts and prices. Recreational portable generators are normally gas fueled, watt ranges from 800 to 12000 and price starts from $220. Emergency portable generators are used in homes sporadically, fueled by gas/LP natural gas, watts ranges from 1000 to 17000 and price starts from $270. Semi pro portable generators are used in homes regularly, watts range from 3000 to 10000 and price starts from $875. Finally, professional portable generators are used in jobsites. At this stage, you should know which of these styles is most suitable for you based on the need you understood.

Read Reviews Online

Once you have some ideas about different types of portable generators and decided on the type perfect for your need, you need to search on Amazon and other similar sites to know about some of the best seller portable generators in the same category. Carefully read the specifications, reviews and check images to have clear understanding about each portable generator. Try comparing one with another and understand the differences. Consider taking verified sale reviews most importantly. Search online to find relevant posts and articles on portable generators to have even better idea.

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Making the Final Decision

Before making the final decision make sure you make a short list of top 5 portable generators you liked most. Then, do more research on them before selecting the one what meet all your requirements.

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