Perfect Baptism Gifts for Girls in 2019 (Best Ideas Inside)

So, you have received an invitation to a baptism of a beautiful baby girl, and you’re wondering what to give her as a gift? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We understand the importance of this event – it’s a beautiful celebration of family and faith. When celebrating a baptism, we are actually welcoming the infant into the Church. With these thoughts in mind, we made our selection for the perfect baptism gifts for girls in this year 2019. Take a look at our top 10 baptism gifts for girls!.

Baptism Gifts for Girls

Keep reading to get girl baptism gift ideas to celebrate the baptism. Some of the below gifts are at very good price and unique. It can be personalized as per your requirements.  Baby Girl Baptism Gifts from Grandparents with low cost and online free shipment available.

10 Best Baptism Gifts for Girls

1) Pink Sterling Silver Christening Baby Bracelet

This is one of the most wonderful baptism gifts for girls ever made! It is a super cute bracelet that can be worn every day or stored as a keepsake. Hand beaded with sterling silver saucer beads, daisy spacers, and pink imitation pearls, this bracelet comes with a tiny heart lobster claw clasp and 1” extension chain, which means the baby girl can grow with the bracelet. It comes standard with a cross charm, but you can choose a charm of a different size. The various size options ensure a perfect fit for the little girl so that she can wear it for many years. You can even contact the seller and they will personalize the bracelet with the baby’s name at no extra cost. The best thing is that this product is affordable for everyone’s pocket.

2. Child to Cherish Baby To Bride Bracelet

The Child to Cherish Baby to Bride is another wonderful bracelet. What makes this bracelet so beautiful is the acrylic frame it comes with. It’s enclosed in a two-sided acrylic frame and includes a bar of sterling silver and freshwater pearl bracelet, a lucky penny for her shoe and a poem: “Once upon a time a baby girl was born. This pearl and silver bracelet, upon her wrist, was worn, the years went by, and the young girl grew. Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue, a lucky penny for her shoe. These treasures she’d recall with pride when this woman became a bride. Keep these tiny treasures close, to use the day you’ll cherish most”. The poem is sincere and touching, and the idea that this bracelet supposes to go with her to her wedding day is truly beautiful.

3. Mary Meyer Christening Plush Rattle, Lamb

Stuffed with love, this cuddly little lamb makes an amazing gift for celebrating the baptism of a beautiful baby girl. It’s easy and soft so that she can carry it everywhere with her. It has a cross decoration and a rattle inside. The rattle is both smart and interesting touch that will keep the baby entertained. Needless to say, it’s baby-safe: there are no button eyes or any other attachments that she can remove or swallow. This Christening cuddly little lamb is adorable and very cute.

4. Mary Meyer Christening Lamb Blanket

What we have here is another Mary Meyer product. This company has been making unique and safe toys for more than 70 years now. This little soft lamb blanket has a silver cross embroidery and is an adorable baptism gift for girls. It’s the perfect combination of a little lamb fiend and a soft blanket; the blanket is in white color, and the lamb is ivory. You can even monogram the baby’s name, as well as her date of birth to make the gift more special.

5. Stephan Baby Ultra Soft and Huggable Musical Praying Woolly Lamb

This ultra soft and huggable Praying Woolly Lamb is so sweet and cuddly that you can be sure it will instantly become her favorite friend. It’s a baby-safe toy made of velour fleece and cushy Sherpa fleece construction, and the face is all-embroidered, so there are no buttons she can remove or swallow. But that’s not all; this cute little Woolly Lamb has a belly button that’s also embroidered that, when pressed, sings “Jesus Loves Me”. The song that plays is perfect volume; neither too low nor too loud to wake her up if she’s asleep.

6. Pink Rosary in a Porcelain Keepsake Box Christening Baptism Gift

You can also bless a beautiful baby girl on her baptism with this beautiful communion keepsake box with a pink rosary. The box is made out of porcelain and it features a little baby girl lying in her crib. With this gift, you’re actually getting her a keepsake box that she will use for years to come. If you want something that’s simple, yet gorgeous, this is the gift you need to buy.

7. Malden Baby’s Baptism Picture Frame

Needless to say, there will be many wonderful memories made on her baptism day and her parents will want to remember every moment for a lifetime. With this picture frame, you’re giving them a practical and cherished keepsake gift, so that they can display their special moments of the baptism. This picture frame is recommended for up to a 4” by 6” picture. It’s a wonderful shiny picture frame with gorgeous designs – perfect for a little baby girl.

8. Sterling Silver Baby Rosary

A children’s rosary is another amazing baptism gift for a little baby girl. Although she is too young to use this Sterling Silver Baby Rosary, her parents will keep it for her as a valuable and sacramental keepsake. When she’s old enough to begin the prayers, she can use her own rosary to pray with. This rosary here is made out of genuine sterling silver, which makes it very cute and precious.

9. Pewter Baptism Bless The Child Guardian Angel Cross Medal

This Angel Cross is a wonderful piece of jewelry that can be worn for many years. With this gift, the baby can show the world that she believes in the Lord. There’s a lovely prayer that’s inscribed on the front of the cross: “Bless the child who lives here, fill her life with love and cheer, keep her safe, year after year” while “God’s love is with you always” is engraved on the back. The Cross Medal has a ribbon, so it can be put above her bed. This gift will keep her safe year after year.

10. Gund Prayer Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Sound Toy

There’s nothing stronger than the bond between a little baby and her first bear. This soft and cuddly little bear will get along great with everyone. But that’s not all; this bear recites “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” in a gentle and calm child’s voice. The details are embroidered for added safety, and the construction is machine-washable for easy cleaning. You know you can’t go wrong with little Gund bears, so this is the perfect gift for every baby girl.

A special day like a Baptism requires a special gift, and we assure you that you just can’t go wrong with any of these wonderful baptism gifts for girls. These 10 products we chose are perfect baptism gifts for that special girl in your life.

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  1. These are some of the cutest Christian gifts that I have ever seen! I think that my favorite one would be the lamb blanket and I just might consider getting it for my little niece who is planning on getting baptized. However, it is my family’s tradition that a piece of jewelry is given to those who are baptized that they can carry out throughout their life. I am sure that the lamb would be a great gift to go with a necklace or something.

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