How to Select the Best Shoe for Men? Things to Consider

One of the most important accessories for men is shoes. There would hardly be any men who would not care about their shoes. Choosing the right kind of pair of shoes is difficult, and this is a fact for the different types of advent footwear available for various activities and the advancement of material as well as manufacturing methods. If you are looking forward to purchasing the right pair of shoes for a particular purpose, then consider the following tips on how to select the shoes for men.

If you are thinking that there is no need for you to consider the tips because buying a pair of shoes is not tough. The fact being multiple options in the market will confuse you more, and you will end up spending more or buying the wrong pair of shoes.

Tips to select the best shoe for men:

The below-mentioned steps will help you purchase the shoes for the purpose you are looking out for and within the set budget.

Know the activity you want to buy the shoes for:

This is very important for you to identify. For instance, you would certainly not want to wear cowboy shoes to the beach and vice versa. Hence, consider the activity that has made you buy the shoes and below mentioned are some suggestions for activities paired with the right kind of shoes:

  • Athletic shoes: Sports is the most diverse line where you will find footwear for almost every sport like soccer, cricket, golf, tennis, basketball, bowling, skateboarding etc. Wearing the same shoes for different activities might be a health issue in the future. Since each sport has a different kind of shoes, it is wise on your part to talk to an experienced salesperson that can help you out with the most suitable pair as per your requirements.
  • Dress shoes: this is the most important purpose of buying shoes for most men. When you are looking to buy the dress shoes, it is important for you to know how much walking will be involved so that you buy the most suitable and comfortable shoes. Usually, brown and black shoes work well for the most occasion for the men.
  • Hiking shoes: low cut boots with strong uppers, traction soles and good arch support are the things you need to look in the hiking shoes. The salesperson will guide you better according but make sure you consider the above-mentioned aspects to pick the right pair.
  • Cold weather outdoor shoes: when buying the outdoor cold weather shoes, you need to look for traction soles. Also, consider buying water-resistant shoes in case you are going to walk on snow or ice. Rather than buying insulated boots, buying a high-quality boot without socks is better because you would want to change the pair of socks every time. Another benefit of not buying the insulated shoes is that when the temperature rises, you will have no sweat too much.

Arch support:

It is extremely that you look for the pair of shoes that provide you good arch support. The arch of the foot balances mechanism and is also a shock absorber. Thus when you buy the shoes with the good arch support, you are sure to maintain its health. Arch support plays an important role for those who stand all day for work.

The material of the sole:

Depending on your needs, you can buy the soft or hard soled shoes. It is wise to pick the soft soled ones because they are more comfortable and quieter when compared to the hard soled shoes. The hard soled shoes can be disturbing in some instances such as a hospital because they mark hard surfaced flooring such as vinyl tiles.

The upper material of the shoe:

Most quality shoes that you find in the market are made from leather. But there are many types, and grades of leather and every kind has a distinct characteristic. Many people refuse to wear shoes made of animal leather and prefer wearing natural fiber or synthetic material shoes which are reasonably priced as well as easy to maintain.

Choose the shoe that fits you correctly:

To make certain that shoes fit perfectly, you need to measure your foot properly. There is no alternative to this for the right fitting shoe. You need to measure the length and width, and an experienced salesman is the only person who can help you out. If you have asymmetrical feet, then you can even consider buying customised shoes that are specially made according to your foot.

Heel height of the shoe:

Not only women but men do wear shoes with heels, of course not as high as the women. There are men’s shoes that have heels too, around 1 inch. Also, some men prefer wearing shoes with a one-inch heel. Thus, if you are among those who prefer flat shoes, then make certain that the kind of shoes you like do not have heels.

Stitching and construction method:

There are certain aspects that you will help you assure the right stitching as well as quality construction. The indications of durable shoes include double row stitching, reinforcing rivets, sealed seams, and Goodyear welt construction. If the pair that you are willing to buy includes all these, then don’t think twice and go ahead.

Try the shoes:

Put the pair on, lace them properly, stand for some time and walk a few rounds. If you feel comfortable and balanced, then it is the right pair to buy. Also, to make sure that the foot is not cramped inside, wiggle your toes to ensure there is sufficient room inside. Also, look at the pair carefully for its construction and also taking the advice of the person accompanying or even the salesperson is a good idea.

Do not let price overpower other important considerations:

Price certainly plays an important role while choosing the shoes but make certain that you do not let price be the decision maker. The cheap shoes will not be as long-lasting and good for your feet when compared to the high-quality ones.

Make certain that you consider the steps mentioned above because these detailed steps will help you pick the right pair.

David Donal is the chief editor at BBHQ. He is living example to show the age doesn’t matter to stay fit & do exercises daily. With many years of experience in the health industry, he reviews products and writes about them here to help every end-users.

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