Tents for Motorcycle Camping in 2020, Review for Motorcycle Tent Campers

Let us have a look at the few best tents for motorcycle camping in the year 2020. This review list out some of the good, cheap and best selling product from Amazon. The increased popularity of adventure bikes has increased the need for various camping gears for motorcycle camping. If you are someone who enjoys going to new and newer places riding your motorbike, then motorcycle camping might be a great way for you to have some outstanding camping experiences. And the first thing that you need after a motorbike for a motorcycle camping is the best tent for motorcycle camping.

Earlier we have mentioned few best portable generators that can be used during motorcycle camping. Also, BMX bikes can be used during camping or go for ride on mountains. Here are some of the best tents available on Amazon that you can consider for your motorcycle camping:

Review of Best Test for Motorcycle Camping – Good for Motorcycle Tent Campers

1) 3 Season Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

Specially designed for motorcycle camping with 2 people with storage space inside the tent. You can easily park your motorcycle in the middle of the tented shade.  Suitable for the couple who go camping in motorcycle, but wanted to have enough space inside the tent and a motorcycle bay.  With the availability of 4 entrances, you can come in or out easily without disturbing others or the parked motorcycle.

Though it has enough space and bit expensive compared to other tents, it has many features like waterproof and lightweight. It has polyester fabric, aluminum frames, and steel pegs and the ropes to build a tent with fewer weight items. If the price doesn’t matter, you go camping in the motorcycle and looking for a quality tent, then go for this model in 2020.

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2) VUZ Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

VUZ Moto 12-Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent Review


The VUZ Moto motorcycle tent is a three-season tent, featuring 10,000 mm waterproofing to provide shelter and protection from rain and strong winds. It is a large and comfortable resting place for up to three campers. The tent also comes with a separate garage space, allowing you to park your bike and store the essential gear required while on the road.

The tent is designed with four entry-ways with mesh panels for the easy access in and out of the tent. It also prevents the entry of bugs and insects, ensuring peaceful sleep at night. The tent, measuring 18 feet is light-weight and easy to store. It comes with aluminum poles and stakes for the swift and convenient set up.



The Harley-Davidson Dome Tent comes with a removable motorcycle vestibule. It allows you to park your motorcycle in the campground and it is also capable of accommodating up to four campers. The tent weighs 12 lbs and features a dimension of 8 inches x 7 inches with a center height of 52 inches. You can easily set-up the tent using the 14 aluminum poles and stakes.

It is designed with breathable mesh roof panels, providing ventilation in the warm summers. The tent comes with front and rear doors with inside zipper storm flaps. The mesh prevents the entry of insects, keeping you comfortable and safe at all times. Hence, the Harley-Davidson dome tent is an ideal choice for those looking for a large and comfortable tent with a motorcycle vestibule. It comes with reinforced floor seams that offer protection against tough weather conditions.

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4) NTK INDY GT Outdoor Dome Motorcycle Camping Tent

NTK INDY GT 4 to 5 Person Review

The NTK INDY GT dome tent, featuring a European design weighs 12 lbs and measures 12.8 feet x 8 feet with a center height of 4.7 feet. It is constructed using 190T polyester, which is laminated with polyurethane flooring to prevent leaks. The waterproof tent serves to be a comfortable resting place for a family of up to 5 members.

The Nano flex fiber glass poles interconnect with the double gold chrome plated hardware to ensure a sturdy construction. It features a heat-seamed thermoplastic coating to offer UV protection while the breathable micro mesh keeps you safe from insects, bugs and mosquitoes. The tent also comes with a front vestibule, allowing you to park your bike and store your gear.

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5) MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Tent

MSR MUTHA HUBBA tent for motocycle camping

If your motorcycle camping involves three or more people, then you must be looking for a tent that can accommodate three people. This MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Tent can be a good choice. Its key features include polyurethane-coated floor, high-tenacity ripstop nylon, weights under 4 pounds, Two large StayDry, two large vestibules store gear, ultra-compact compression sack fits easily into a backpack, Rainfly vents and venting vestibules, and a unified, color-coded hub-and-pole system.

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6) Naturehike Opalus Backpacking Tent

Naturehike Opalus Backpacking Tent Review

The Naturehike Opalus Backpacking tent comes with a vestibule measuring 165 x 83 x 43 inches. It is capable of storing gear, accessories, and your motorcycle. The tent measures 93 x 75 x 43 inches and weighs 6.5 lbs, allowing you accommodate up to 3 persons with ease. It is made using anti-scratch 20D nylon mesh and features PU4000mm waterproof and UV 50+ sun protection.

The breathable material ensures proper ventilation during summers for maximum comfort. It also offers shelter against heavy rain, snow, and wind. Hence, it is the ideal 4-season motorcycle tent, which includes aluminum poles and tent stakes for easy set-up.

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7) GEERTOP Portable 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent


GEERTOP Portable 4 Person 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent review

The waterproof and durable motorcycle tent from GEERTOP is an ideal 4-season tent. The inner portion of the tent is made using 210T breathable polyester while the floor is made with 210 D PU 5000 mm Oxford fabric. The light-weight tent is perfect for camping with family of up to 4 members during summers, winters, spring, or fall.

It comes with two entrances for easy access in and out of the tent. On the other hand, the two windows ensure adequate ventilation for comfortable and peaceful sleep. It also comes with features, including durable double zippers, storage pockets, ceiling hook, and a snow skirt design. These features ensure a convenient camping experience.

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8) MoKo Waterproof Motorcycle Camping Tent

MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent Review

The MoKo four seasons dome tent is an ideal option for a perfect camping trip during spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It comes with 3 fiberglass poles, 6 ropes, and 21 metal pegs, which enable you to easily set-up the tent. The sturdy construction makes it stable in the toughest weather conditions.

The tent is suitable for up to three campers. It also features a 3 feet vestibule, allowing you to store outdoor gear and your bike. The windows are clear and offer ample ventilation for optimal comfort at all times. The durable tent is made using high-quality flysheet and polyethylene fabrics, which are fire retardant. Hence, it is safe and reliable option to consider buying.

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9) Outdoor Products Vaega 2 Person Backpacking Tent


Outdoor Products Vaega 2 Person Backpacking Tent Review

The Outdoor Products Backpacking Tent is another suitable motorcycle tent for camping trips. It is made using 2000 mm polyester material and features 8 foot by 4 foot four plan with a center height of 41 inches. The versatile L shaped door ensures easy entry and exit. It comes with a spacious interior that can accommodate up to 2 campers.

The light-weight tent weighs less than 5 lbs and is easy to set up. The mesh ceiling enables you to gaze at the stars at night while the rain fly protects your gear. Moreover, it is durable and comes with a 1 year warranty making it a reliable option worth buying. You can also attach a lantern on the ceiling using the lantern hook at night.

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10) Crua Core Dome Tent

Crua Core Dome Tent Review

The Crua Core Dome Tent is made using fire retardant and breathable polyester material. It also comes with a waterproof HH5000mm outer layer for protection against heavy rain. The tent weighs 33 lbs and features a total floor space of 192 sq. feet. Hence, it is capable of accommodating up to 6 people with ease along with additional gear.

The large vestibule attaches to most vehicles making it a versatile option. The breathable material ensures ventilation for maximum comfort at all times. It also comes with a light-weight airframe structure for the quick and convenient set-up. Hence, it is ideal for hiking, fishing, base camp, trekking, and other adventures.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Tent for Motorcycle Camping

Size and Space

It is essential to check the dimensions, including the center height of the tent before making a purchase. The size of the tent should be large enough to accommodate the campers along with your bike and additional gear. Ensure that the interior of the tent is spacious, allowing you and your fellow campers to move around freely. It should also enable you to store your belongings and accessories with ease.

Material and Construction

The material of the tent plays a vital role when deciding on a tent. Ensure that the tent is made using 100% polyester materials while the flooring is made with polyurethane. Check the waterproof rating of the fabrics. It should be able to protect you and your bike from rain, snow, and other tough weather conditions. Also, the material must be fire retardant for the safety and prevention of hazards. The aluminum poles and stacks used for the set up of the tent ensures its sturdiness and stability against rain, snow, wind, and other severe weather conditions.

Doors and Windows

The tent must feature two to three front and rear entry points for easy access in and out of the tent. It should also include clear windows with mesh for proper ventilation, especially during summers. The mesh prevents the entry of bugs, insects, and mosquitoes for peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Light-Weight and Portable

A light-weight motorcycle tent is easier to carry around. It should come with a carry bag, allowing you to carry it in your bike with ease. Ensure that you fold it into a compact size before storing it into the bag. Also, the bag must have storage space for storing additional accessories for the quick and easy set up of the tent.

Easy Set-Up

The tent should include accessories like aluminum poles, tent stacks, and ropes. These accessories will help you set-up the tent with ease. Ensure that you buy a tent that can be set up within a few seconds. You can choose to buy an instant pop-up tent for convenience.

Mesh Ceiling

You should go for a motorcycle tent that comes with a mesh ceiling. It enables you to gaze at the stars at night while lying in your sleeping bags inside the tent. The mesh material also ensures adequate ventilation during the summers. It keeps out bugs and insects, ensuring comfort at all times.

FAQs about Motorcycle Camping Tent:

What is the best tent for motorcycle camping?

The best tents for motorcycle camping is as follows:

  • VUZ Moto motorcycle tent
  • Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Dome Tent
  • Naturehike Opalus Backpacking Tent
  • Geertop Portable 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent

What is the difference between a motorcycle tent and a regular tent?

A regular two person tent comes with space, which is capable of accommodating only two people. On the other hand, a motorcycle tent is more spacious compared to regular tents. It is capable of accommodating campers as well as your bike and gear. Most motorcycle tents include vestibules, which keep your bike and gear protected against rain, snow, and other severe weather conditions.

What is a motorcycle tent?

A motorcycle tent is a tent designed for motorcycle camping trips. It is spacious and offers shelter to campers and their bikes. It protects your bike and gear from rain and snow, keeping them dry and safe at all times.

What are the best brands of motorcycle tents?

The best brands for motorcycle tents are as follows:

  • Crua Duo Cocoon
  • Coleman
  • Geertop
  • Naturehike Opalus

Final Verdicts of Best Tent for Motorcycle Camping

You can choose 1 person, 2 person and 3 person tents based on your own preferences. If your motorcycle camping vacation includes more than 3 people, you can have multiple one people, two person, and three person tents. So, you and your motorcycle camping mates can have one or more of the above-mentioned tents.

These are all high-quality tents for motorcycle camping and you can expect to have maximum protection and ease in your motorcycle camping vacations. But we always highly recommend you to read reviews of each tent on Amazon.com to understand all the features of each tent and what might work out best for you and your motorcycle camping mates. We hope this guide would have provided enough information to select the best tent for motorcycle camping. Happy Motorcycle Camping!

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