Best BMX Bikes for Sale – Cheap Price, FIT BMX Bikes Too in 2019

Let us help you to find the best BMX bikes for sale with low price online. Because of the lively colors they offer, BMX bikes look really cool and are always very popular among bicycle lovers. These bikes are mainly built for off-road, stunt and many other kinds of cycling such as freestyle. BMX bikes are commonly available in 16’’ to 26’’ wheel and 20’’ wheel is probably the most popular size. Here we, BestBrandsHQ list out few best BMX bikes for sale cheap price in 2019. You can buy them online including USA, UK, and Canada. Few racing and FIT BMX bikes are also available. If you are looking for affordable yet quality BMX bikes, you should consider the following best seller BMX bikes.

You will find these bikes online as the sale for cheap price. We have selected few models which are priced reasonably, some are less than $150, $200 and even under $100. They have good feedback from it’s existing customers.

best bmx bikes for sale Fit Bikes

11 BMX Bikes For Sale – Cheap Price in 2019

Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm


COEWSKE BMX Cycling Bikes

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It is an ideal sports bike for girls and boys alike. It comes in two sizes 16” and 18” and the most amazing part is that the bike grows with your kid. The training wheels are 16” and 18”  and are removable designed very smartly to reduce the noise which improves concentration and hearing ability when you are training your child. The seat comes with a quick release easy adjusting mechanism.

The bike comes in three impressive color options of black, blue and green.what is noticeable is the size of the tyres which are 3 inches compared to others which have around two inches only. This is really amazing as they provide extra balance and stability. The bike has got a sturdy frame and has a good anti-impact performance and is safe to ride on rough roads.

It has smart safety features as well like non-slip handlebars for better control, length and width of the cranks that are specifically designed to match the ergonomics of your child., a wider footrest and a fully enclosed chain guard. The foot brakes are also great and stop easily but there is no kickstand provided. The bike is suitable for the kids aged 4-8 years and 6-12 years. Assembly of the bike is also not complicated. If you are concerned about your kid’s safety then we recommend this bike as it scores high points on the safety factor. All in all, this is one best buy BMX bike for your growing kid.


Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike Mens

Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

The framed Impact 20 BMX bike is an entry-level BMX bike which almost anyone can ride. The overall look of the bike is not something extraordinary but it is just like most of the BMX bikes out there. The Impact 20 comes in two colors, viz. Black and white so you don’t have much to choose from.

Nonetheless, there are definitely many outstanding parts in this model like a Neco headset, Hi-ten forks and Hi-ten 8” rise bars to name a few. The rise bars are made from the best composite materials making them really strong and fortified. The rims are 20” single wall alloy 36h pinned rim. Talking about the tyres, the front tyres are 20” x 2.125” and the rear tyre is 20” x 1.95”.  However, the braking system could be a little better.

The bike does not come with a kickstand and needs to be purchased separately. The bike is very very easy to assemble, one hardly takes 20 minutes to get it all sorted. The feel of the bike is light and sturdy as it weighs only 25 lbs. On the whole, it is a great buy for a beginner level for anyone given its ease of use.


Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike

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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

If you are a fan of modern yet elegantly understated looks Elite 20” BMX bicycle is your go-to bike. This stealth freestyle bike comes in three colors, black gum, blue and red. It might not exactly be a professional BMX bike but can be considered as an entry-level variant suitable for tricks on the street, dirt, and park. What is the highlight of the Elite model?

It has a low profile rims wrapped in street 2.5” tyres, its hi-tensile steel frame with 1” standard head tube, stealth alloy top load stem. All of the Elite bikes come with a set of grinding pegs so you don’t have to worry about that. Its strong wheels are perfect for smooth transitions due to their additional angular raised tread sections. Also, the frames are all so designed and reinforced to withstand huge impacts.

The seat is padded in thick foam and has that unique signature Elite BMX embroidery on it. Seat clamp is also included to adjust the height according to your convenience. The weight is around 35 pounds which could be quite heavy but since its ideal for teens that is not much of an issue. Overall, the Elite is a really great looking, smooth riding and an easy to assemble the bike and a great buy. (P.S. it does not come with a kickstand)


X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

X-Games FS is listed at 8th place in our BMX bikes for sale cheap price from Amazon online store.  X-Games FS 20’’ Freestyle is simply the best BMX bike under $150. Its key features include alloy wheels for a strong ride, smooth grippy street tires, 4 bolt alloy stem, BMX X-Games saddle, rear and front pegs, a sturdy tig welded steel frame and fork, and rear and front hand brakes. As it has a solid built, it can be a really durable bike, thus, perfect for beginners and even for racing. Its smart brake system makes it one of the safest BMX bikes available in its price range. As its wheel size is 20’’, it’s simply ideal for riders of almost all ages. X-Games FS20 Freestyle is available in red and black. It should not take more than an hour to assemble the bike but you should carefully read the manual.

Having 4 stars out of 5 from it’s existing customers. You can buy Knee and Elbow pads for BMX bike riding online during the purchase.


Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike

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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

Kids BMX Bikes for Sale- Available only in green, Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike is a solid bike with really cheap price in spite of having many features found on higher end bikes. Its key features include steel BMX frame and forks, 4 bolt stem, front wheel pegs, beefy street tread tires, quick release seat post clamp and front and rear hand rim brakes. Its 20’’ wheel size is perfect for young boys and girls alike. It’s completely easy to adjust seat height as it has a set of axle pegs, so, no tool needed. Razor high roller BMX bike is a sure thing, not just a gamble. It really takes place in BMX bikes for sale cheap price list.

As its weight is around 30 pounds, it’s quite perfect for a young child of 7 or 8. Assembling the bike may take some work. So, it’s better to read the whole manual carefully to understand everything.

There is another Razor BMX bike available for sale with front and rear alloy wheels. It is a 20 inch BMX bike and stronger than the earlier model. The quick spin freestyle racing bike will make your cycling fun in 2016.

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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm


RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike

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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

Even you can have a Royal baby in your home! just kidding! Well; the RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s bike is something that your kid will instantly like, but we do not recommend it for the teens. The bike comes in six eye-popping colors and various other accessories that one expects in a kids cycle i.e. a bell ring, water bottle holder and training wheels.

Coming to the training wheels, they are really durable, heavy duty and long lasting which is great given that kids fall a lot while learning to ride. It has a sturdy steel frame and comes in four sizes 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches according to your kid’s age and height so choose accordingly while buying. It also has front caliper brake, rear coaster brake, and 18-inch dual hand brakes for extra safety.

The entire braking system options really come in handy while learning to ride. Almost 95 % of the bike comes already assembled so you don’t have to go looking around for someone in the nearby garage to do it for you. The bike also has a quick release seat post according to your kid’s convenience. On the whole, its a great sporty bike for your child and the price is also affordable.


KENT 20 Ambush Boys’ BMX Bike

Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

As kids, BMX bikes have always been a rage among the kids for as long as one can imagine. Keeping the trend alive Kent 20 has exactly what our kids fancy. For an amazingly smooth and stylish riding experience for your young one, you would not mind spending money on this one. Also, it is one of the cool BMX bikes for sale under $200.

The BMX bike comes with the front as well as rear hand brakes for extra safety. It has a four bolt alloy stem enabling better transitions while your kid performs those applaud worthy tricks. The bike is designed for basic on and off-road hours of active fun. The bike is cast in a durable steel frame with 20 inch BMX tires. The cycle is lightweight and sturdy and gets a good grip on rough surfaces. Also, the bike comes in three colors viz. black/red, blue and green and given its modern aesthetic makes for a really attractive choice.

The bike, however, has a single speed gearing and hence is not meant for advanced BMXing. The assembly of the bike is easy. If your kid wants a good grip over the pedals you might want to change its pedals as they come in plastic. On the whole, it can be considered for kids aged between 6-12 years, its complete value for money, but is not suitable for teenagers.


Mongoose Stun Boy’s Freestyle BMX Bike with Training Wheels

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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

Mongoose has been in the business since 1974 and the company is synonymous with pushing out a wide array of sports BMX bikes. Their one of the most popular BMX bikes are the ones in the Legion series with many variants from L10 to L100. The Mongoose Stun Boy’s Freestyle BMX bike is a professional level, high-performance beast.

It has a Hi-ten steel BMX frame, with 40 x 16T gearing along with durable one-piece forged steel 170 mm cranks that offer simpler single speed. This model has a low stance geometry making it capable to take the impact of huge air and tough landings. It also comes with U- brakes at the rear wheels for secure stops. The pedals are in a plastic body with ½ inch axle. What makes it different from other options in the market is its incredible braking system and a cable detangler for 360-degree handlebar spins. Now, that’s really something top notch ! the handlebars are around 7.75 inches and the wheels are 20 inches.

The brake detangler and 2 pair axle pegs come as extras when you order the bike. Overall, it is a really great bike for its price for kids and teens alike to explore and unleash their riding flair.


Mongoose Boy’s LSX Bicycle, Matte Black, 20-Inch

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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

With 20’’ wheel and a low stance frame for uncomplicated on and off riding in the dirt, on the street, Mongoose Boy’s Matte Black LSX Bicycle is simply a good choice for beginners. Its key features include low stance BMX Mongoose frame, alloy 4 bolt stem clamps bars tight, durable 48 spoke alloy wheels, and sure stopping capability with rear U-brake. This smart 20-inch bike is perfect for young boys of 7-10.


Mongoose Legion L100 Boy’s Freestyle BMX Bike

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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

Now here’s another one from the Mongoose Legion series. The L100 is a professional grade high-performance sporty BMX classicly designed in full chromo. It comes in three attractive colors silver, green and burgundy and special mentions for the burgundy color because it is really appealing to the eyes.

The bike is well-made and as mentioned earlier all chromo lovers are going to love this model. It comes with a 4130 Chromoly steel BMX frame with integrated headset features. The braking system is U-brake with alloy brake levers offering excellent crisp stoppage. The tube is 21 inches long and the bike has 36-hole alloy double wall rims and also a strong 50mm stem that promotes great balance.

The bike also has a microdrive 25 x 9T gearing system with cassette driver and the eight spine spindle with a sealed mid bottom bracket makes for really tough and stylish tyres. There is also a strong double walled rim, female front axle, and sealed bearings. However, the bike tends to become squeaky and may require re-greasing. Lastly, it is probably the best Chromoly framed bike that one can find around. Not recommended for young kids though.


Razor Nebula Freestyle BMX Bike

$99.99 $118.99 in stock
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Last update was on: October 14, 2019 7:32 pm

Razor Nebula Freestyle BMX Bike, having 20 inch wheels with pegs and a freestyle rotor, is a perfect bike for young riders of all kinds including beginners and seasoned ones. Its other notable features include tig welded steel fork and frame, alloy seat clamp, and rear and front hand brakes. Assembling might be a little tricky, so try not to be in any rush.

There you go, select one of the above mentioned 20’’ wheel BMX bikes for sale with cheap price and make sure you research further to be surer of all the features of the bike you finally decide to buy.

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