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Dumbbell Sets With Rack – 5 Best Products Review in 2018

In this post, let me give a review of best dumbbell sets with rack in 2018.  As a big lover of fitness, I constantly look to stay in the best shape possible. Over the years, I’ve been a member of different gyms in Los Angeles and I can say I learned a lot about gym equipment including machines, dumbbells, racks, barbells, and more. Recently one of my friends, Donovan got an idea to make his own gym with limited equipment, more like a CrossFit gym with mostly FREE WEIGHTS.

Dumbbell Sets With Rack

We all know how popular this sport is becoming over the last few years, so his passion for it brought him the idea to invest in a place where he will include bars, dumbbells, weights, barbells, pull-up bars, medicine balls and more. I was picked up to choose the equipment for the gym, as someone who has huge knowledge about quality it. While researching, I also went to few gym equipment stores and I was closely looking at the dumbbell sets with the rack. One thing Donovan wanted is to choose small dumbbells so even beginners can get a nice workout themselves. I decided to share my experience when it comes to buying dumbbell sets, kettlebells, and racks by doing a review post. Hope this will help you with your future plans when equipping a gym.

5 Best Dumbbell Sets With Rack in 2018 – Review

1. Tone Fitness Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Rack

The Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Rack with a total of 32 lbs in weight is very comfortable to use, at the same time very practical and can fit anywhere in your gym. My girlfriend loves these because as a girl she can’t lift 20-pound dumbbells, and she needs small ones. Once I told her that we got them for Donovan’s gym, she got one dumbbell set for herself too.

Neoprene Dumbbells are great to keep your floor safe, because of the neoprene coating which also helps with having a nice grip. These dumbbells are great for beginners who want to work on gradually increase in strength and endurance.

Last update was on: December 13, 2018 4:28 pm

This set includes 2 dumbbells of 3, 5 and 8 pounds of weight. Their shape (Hex shape) prevents them from rolling on the floor when not used. Another thing I love about these is that you can use them even outside because of their design and the material they are made off.

You can get your Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Rack for under 50 dollars. The shipping is FREE and it is done by Amazon.

2. Cap Barbell Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set (150 LBS total weight)

This is another dumbbell set which is one of my personal favorites because of the design of the rack. I personally hate racks who are having that “hook” design of the space where the dumbbells are placed because this makes them unpractical. I love open racks where you just need to leave the weight. When lifting heavy like 40-pound dumbbells do you think you can hold the weight and think of their rack placement? Definitely no.

Last update was on: December 13, 2018 4:28 pm

But, what I love about this dumbbell set?

– Easy storage

– Hex design

– Handles of the dumbbells providing you comfort when exercising

– Can be used for all kinds of exercises.

The cost of these dumbbells set is just under 200 dollars while the shipping is FREE. In the set, there are 2 dumbbells of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds (total of 150 lbs).

If you want to get one set for yourself, go to the following link.

3. XMark 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-3107.1 – Dumbbell Set for Sale

Probably one of the simplest, but best Dumbbell Racks on the market. We got one for Donovan’s gym combined with the Dumbbell Set of Body- Solid 5-50 SDRS550 (We will talk about this one later in the post).

We picked this rack so we can load it out with lots of weight. Besides we already have the Cap Barbell Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set, we decided that we need more pair of heavy dumbbells. This was a cheaper variation for us and decided to give a shot to the XMark 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-3107.1.

We picked gray colored because the walls of the gym are gray, but you can always stay with the white colored combination if you want.

Last update was on: December 13, 2018 4:28 pm

Why did I decide to get this rack?

First of all, I believed that It will fit Donovan’s gym great, and I wasn’t wrong. Second, as I said I love angled shelves which give the athlete conform when picking and leaving the dumbbells on the rack. The rack can hold up to 10 pairs of dumbbells and the design is made with taller shelf lip so it can hold the dumbbells without any problem.

What is the price of the rack? Isn’t this doubling your expenses when only buying a rack?

The answer to the second question is definitely NO because we ran through calculations and came up with a conclusion that buying rack and dumbbell set separately may cost us less, and at the end it did. By purchasing these dumbbells and rack you can make the best dumbbell sets with the rack at your own gym.

If you want to get your XMark 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-3107.1.

4. Body Solid SDRS550 5-50-Pound Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

As I said in the last paragraph, I would like to continue with equipping your dumbbell rack with a nice set of dumbbells. I chose Body Solid SDRS550 5-50-Pound Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set, for a couple of reasons.

First of all the dumbbell design is hexagonal and that means they can’t roll when they are left on the ground. Also, they are very compact and shorter in length which makes them easier to use. They fit perfectly in combination with XMark 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-3107.1, and that’s whyif you check Amazon.comyou will see that most of the people combine these 2 products.

Last update was on: December 13, 2018 4:28 pm

Other product specification:

– This dumbbell set includes the pair of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 lbs dumbbells.

– Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty included.

If you want to get this dumbbell set, you can click on button to visit the store;

5. Cap Barbell 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack with Saddles

I decided to continue with another high-quality Dumbbell Rack which I found out about in one gym in Florida, Miami. It happen to me to be on a wellness seminar in Miami, and to do one little workout in one gym I can’t remember the name of it, but I was pretty amazed by their gym equipment. I loved their dumbbells and was especially excited by their dumbbell racks. At that time, I haven’t seen anything like the rack with saddles and that was officially my first time. I searched the internet and found one in the name of Cap Barbell 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack with Saddles and it was almost the exact design like the rack in the Miami’s gym.

Last update was on: December 13, 2018 4:28 pm

What you get by buying this product?

– Nice rack that can hold up to 10 pairs of dumbbell

– 30 day warranty by the manufacturer

– You can place dumbbells that have all kinds of design and shape (Hex Cast Iron, Hex Rubber Coated, Chrome and Pro-Style)

I highly recommend this rack, and if you ask me this is one of my personal favorites. I feel sorry that I didn’t choose this one for my friend’s gym, but it was too expensive.

If you decide to take one for your gym then place your order on;

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Extra Products to Buy With Dumbbell sets with Rack

1. Body Solid 105-Pound Kettle Bell Set with Rack

As my friend’s gym was more like a CrossFit one, I decided to get the couple pair of Kettle Bells. These days people often use Kettle Bells for their training, With them, you can work on your strength, endurance, and power. Even I use these cannonballs with a handle to get myself a nice workout. The kettle bell originally appeared in Russia by the name Russian bell and now it’s a must equipment in every gym. I chose the Body Solid 105-Pound Kettle Bell Set with Rack because I get ALL in ONE.

Why this Kettle Bell Set ?

The set includes 6 kettle bells of 5 up to 30 pounds of weight with great Chrome Handle. Every kettlebell is increased in 5 lb of weight which can easily fit any athlete either beginner or intermediate.

Last update was on: December 13, 2018 4:28 pm

Another thing why I bought this set would be the rack that is included in the offer. GDKR50 Kettle Bell Rack can store up to 6 kettlebells of any size (up to 50 lbs). The dimensions of the rack are the following –

*20-19-21 W/D/H

If you decide to get yourself a kettlebell set, then I highly recommend this one. It is proven to be of high quality and very practical in the same time.

2. PowerBlock Sport 55 Dumbbell Set

PowerBlock Sport 55 Dumbbell Set is what I found to be perfect for professional athletes. I have a background as an active basketball player and this kind of dumbbells got my attention since I first laid eyes on them. The confirm they provide, backed up with their practical use while substituting the whole rack of dumbbells up to 55 lbs were enough reasons to get a pair for me. Since young I wanted a huge room with one wardrobe, one computer desk, and a bed. Things haven’t changed even now when I’m 34 because I still hate to see my house overloaded with different stuff. Despite, I’m a fitness addict I want to have a practical equipment in my house. I hate machines and I only do free weighted exercises. With PowerBlock 55 Dumbbell Set, I’m saving space while having enough weight to do heavy workouts in the same time.

Last update was on: December 13, 2018 4:28 pm

What makes these dumbbell set special is the fact that you can adjust your weight range from 5 to 55 pounds. The set by itself replaces 22 pairs of dumbbells or more than 1000 lbs of weights. Also 15 year warranty for home use is included.

This set can fit with the PowerBlock Large Column Stand (Silver) as a rack. However, I decided to stick with the dumbbell set only because of my financial situation at the time. I really think, my next step should be on buying this rack.

Order your PowerBlock 55 Dumbbell Set here,

3. Power Weight Lifting Hooks – Crown Gear

This is an extra product that I would like to talk about too. As someone who loves doing deadlift, I’ve been having trouble lifting more than 400 pounds because of my grip strength. I searched for straps with hooks, so it can provide me help for my grip.

I found out about Crown Gear from my cousin David who does PowerLifting since he was 22. He recommended me the Crown Gear Power Lifting straps with a hook. That’s how I actually got my pair of these ones. I can say that I’m highly satisfied by their quality especially when it comes to increasing repetitions and lifting more weight. Many times I was limited to increase the number of sets of one exercise because my grip was weak. I work a lot on my grip strength, but still there is limitation our human body has. Once, I started using the lifting straps with the hook I gone BEASTMODE on my deadlift lifting up to 500 lbs. I increased the weight on my Barbell Row too, and I feel much safer than before. The pull ratio of the hook can be around 272 kg or around 600 pounds which make it very strong, Another thing is that the Crown Gear straps are suitable to men and women too.

You can also visit the website to place your order.

If you want my honest opinion, then these straps are the one you are searching for. They will make a huge improvement in the quality of your training both in repetitions increase and increase in weight.

How to Select Best Dumbbell Sets With Rack

For the end of this post, I would like to say that in my opinion these are the products I would highly recommend. I had the opportunity to see all of these products for once or couple of times in my fitness career and the reason they got my attention is mostly because of their quality. When searching an equipment for your gym, you should always have answered the following questions –

1.Is this equipment worth the money?

2.What do you get for the money?

3.What other customers have to say about this product? Is it known?

4.Is the equipment practical? Will this product fit in my gym place?

Once you have positive answers on a couple of these questions then you should definitely think about buying the product. If out of 4 questions, on 3 the answer is NO, then search for the better product.

I hope my review post of dumbbell sets with rack helped you making a decision about buying a quality gym equipment and remember ALWAYS CHOOSE CAREFULLY

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