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Best Massage Chairs Under $2000, $1000 And $500 Dollars In 2022

You are at the right place if you are looking for the best massage chair under 2000 or 1000 dollars in 2022. In this world of technology, you don’t always have to go on a vacation to unwind and relax, as many exciting technologies can give you instant relaxation.

Yes, there is nothing like sitting on a beach and having fresh air or taking a spa or massage in a popular vacation spot, but you don’t always get time to do that in your fast-paced modern life. If that is true for you, having the cheap and best massage chairs will enable you to relax and get relief from body pain after long hours of work at your office.

Massage using a massage chair also eases stress and anxiety and helps lower your blood pressure. Massage chairs have become a user-friendly and affordable alternative to traditional human messages. While there are massage chairs of extremely high quality that cost around $8000, you should not think there are no affordable yet quality chairs in the market.

Best Massage Chairs Under $2000

Real Relax Massage Chair, Zero Gravity SL Track

Looking to relax and alleviate any pain or tension you may be feeling? Look no further than the Real Relax Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair! This top-of-the-line massage chair comes equipped with airbags for all body parts, providing a simulated shiatsu massage that can help mitigate pain and muscle tension.

Additionally, the one-button zero gravity design reduces pressure on the spine, alleviates back pain, and induces a deep sense of relaxation. The chair also features a heating function and foot massage for added comfort.

With six preset automatic programs to choose from, or three intensity levels, three-speed levels, five airbag positions and roller positions to customize your massage experience.

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Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair® LM-6800

Zero Gravity Space Saving

This is another feature-rich best massage chair under 2000 dollars that you can go for without any confusion about quality, durability, and user-friendliness. Its double-layer shoulder, air massage technology, computer body scan technology, airbags, three levels of zero gravity, and easy-to-understand manual make it a perfect choice for people looking to have an intense massage, complete relaxation, and stress relief in just a few minutes time.

Last update was on: July 15, 2024 8:03 pm

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage

Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair reviews

Available in three different colours; Black, Brown and Burgundy, the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage boast double-layered airbags, high power vibration motor and air pressure massages.

Its power rollers can rejuvenate your body and mind, reduce fatigue and relax your muscle stress quickly. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. Overall, this is another quality choice when it comes to affordable prices.

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Best Valued Massage Chair By Ideal Massage

Best Valued Massage Chair in 2017 and 2016

With four different massage functions, namely vibrating, spinal rolling, kneading, and shiatsu, this chair by Ideal Massage provides wonderful massage experiences. You can set time from 5 to 30 minutes per your preference and have a complete head-to-toe massage.

Its real humanized massage hands, along with a 3D intelligent detect and ergonomically designed s-track rolling system, ensure you get instant relaxation and pain relief in just a single massage. So, by choosing this one, you can get a high-quality massage chair at an affordable price.

Massage Chairs Under $1000 – You Must Check Now!

Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair by Hrelax

Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

This is the best zero gravity massage chair suitable for those under a budget of 1000$. It is ideal for sports enthusiasts and people suffering from orthopaedic issues. The chair includes features 8 massage rollers and 6 kinds of automatic massage with a heating function.

The massage chair provides an airbag kneading massage for various body parts. The 5-inch footrest can be adjusted, so it’s perfect no matter what part you want to be touched! Your family will love this awesome gift idea, especially if they’re getting some much-needed relaxation after being stuck in front of a computer all day at work or school…

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner by Real Relax

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair Review

This is the latest zero gravity massage chair, which is available under the budget of 1000$. It has 6 preset auto massage programs and Bluetooth speakers to give you the best massage experience.

The waist heater is built-in to ensure blood circulation, while the 50 airbags placed all over the chair provide a gentle yet thorough massage to various body parts. Hence, the massage chair provides both roller and airbag massage to release stress on your muscles to ease the pain.

It comes with an easy-to-use smart remote control for ease of operation. It enables you to control the operations of the chair to massage specific body areas based on your needs. The ergonomic design, adjustable footrest, and changing LED lights make this chair stand out.

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Best Massage Chairs Under $500 in 2022

Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner with Heat and USB

Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner with Heat and USB

Good massage chairs don’t come at a cheap price. Relaxzen massage rocker can be an exception to that rule. It has more than 35% of five-star positive reviews on Amazon. The low price, decent features and various positive reviews lead us to add this chair to our list.

It uses 8 motors to provide a powerful message. It targets the four different zone of the body with 5 intensity levels and can run on nine modes. To provide a relaxing experience to your lower back, mild lumbar heat mode is added, which generate mild heat and helps lower back muscles to relax. It comes with a remote and has easy to reach remote pocket. Overall, it can be a decent choice when your budget for a massage chair is below $500.

Last update was on: July 15, 2024 8:03 pm

Massage Recliner Chair by Esright

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Review

The Esright Massage Recliner Chair is an ergonomically designed, well-padded chair with vibrating, rocking, heating, reclining, and 360-degree swivel functions. It comes with a breathable PU surface, which is water-resistant, making it easy to clean.

The sturdy and durable recliner features 8 vibrating massage nodes and 5 massaging nodes that relax and massage your muscles after a long day at work. It also includes a high-density padded headrest with a heat function for lumbar support. Hence, it is an ideal massage chair that offers a good quality build, comfort, and unique features at a price range below 500$.

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Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Relaxonchair

Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Relaxonchair

This three-stage ultra automatic zero gravity chair elevates your legs to heart level. It minimizes stress and pressure on your muscles and spine to reduce pain. The chair is equipped with a new roller system, the Buttock L-Lock Tracking System, that provides a full body massage.

It also comes with a built-in sensor that measures the length of your spine to massage at the right spot. You can easily adjust the airbag intensity levels using the massage chair’s remote control.

Massage Chair by OOTORI

Massage Chair by OOTORI Review

The OOTORI massage chair is easily available under the budget of 2000$. It is designed with a new roller system, featuring a 50-inch roller track length that massages your gluteal and piriformis muscles.

The rollers reach for your buttocks and hamstring to minimize stress in your hip and lower back area. These electric rollers are adjustable and suitable for individuals with varying shoulder lengths. The chair also supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Hence, you can connect the chair to your smartphone and enjoy listening to your favourite tracks on the chair’s speaker system. The 6 auto programs use rollers and airbags to ensure the gentle yet effective massage of your shoulders, arms, calves, and thighs.

Best Massage Chair Buying Guide


As we all know, massage chairs are huge and occupy a good amount of space, so the first thing you should consider while buying them is where you will keep them. You need a room that has enough space to keep the massage chair. Otherwise, it will eat up the large space and mess up the room’s overall decor. If you are buying it for personal use, you can keep it in the bedroom or your home office, etc.


Consider why you are buying the massage chair as different massage chairs cater to the different areas of our body using different techniques. Some have the feature of pressing the pressure points over the body, while others use kneading movements with low intensity. If you are buying the machine for back pain, then see which massage chair provides the best back massage or if you have foot pain, then choose one that focuses on feet massage.


The best massage chairs are heavy ticket items and need a proper budget. Decide your budget before you start trying any variants. It’s an open secret that you get what you paid for. Though it stands true for massage chairs too, you need to find a sweet spot between budget, features and performance of the chair.


Having a durable massage chair always helps. The massage chair is built using various parts that move while performing massage and sometimes, it may break or stop functioning for various reasons. So, always opt for a durable chair. By doing so, you are preventing your future pain by repairing the massage chair.


Often these massage chairs come with a limited warranty. Before finalizing a specific chair, find out whether the company provides any warranty or not. A warranty or cashback offer shows the company’s trust in its products.

Technologies have made our life easier and more comfortable; having one of the massage chairs mentioned above will enable you to understand that better. In fact, using massage chairs has become necessary for people who are busy working for long hours in the office. It gives you the stress-free mind and pain-free body you need to perform better in whatever profession you are in.

So, set your budget for a massage chair, follow the links of each item mentioned above, pick the ones in your budget range, research deeper, compare them with one another, and make your final purchase decision.


Is Osaki a good massage chair?

Osaki is an excellent massage chair that provides effective and therapeutic back massages. It is a zero gravity massage chair that improves body posture and blood circulation. The chair is designed with airbags that inflate and deflate to massage various parts of your body, including shoulders, arms, legs, and calves.

The rollers and airbags also provide a relaxing foot massage. The well-padded headrest and lumbar heat therapy ensure adequate neck support. It minimizes stress to ensure instant pain relief.

Are massage chairs good for your health?

Yes, it offers several health benefits when used properly and moderately. These chairs offer a full body massage, minimizing stress on the spine, neck, and back muscles. Hence, they provide instant relief from chronic back or muscle pain.

Moreover, a massage chair reclines to a zero-gravity position, improving your body posture and blood circulation. Thus, it prevents heart attacks and maintains your cardiovascular health. It also provides a soothing feel to help with anxiety and insomnia. This uplifts your mood and enhances your creativity and productivity.

Can I use a massage chair every day?

Excessive use of a massage chair may lead to muscle damage, bruised tissues, and inflammation. Hence, it should be used moderately for its maximum effectiveness. You can use a massage chair 3-4 days a week to relieve back, neck, or shoulder pain.

How long should I sit on a massage chair?

You can sit on the massage chair twice a day for up to 15 minutes. There is no limit, but it is advised not to overuse it.

Can a massage chair hurt your back?

When you begin electrical massage chair therapy, a massage chair may cause tiny tears in your connective tissues and muscles. It may also aggravate a pinched nerve in your spine. Also, excessive use of the massage chair may lead to muscle soreness, inflammation, and muscle damage.

Hence, people with injuries, broken bones, circulatory ailments, and unhealed wounds need to take care of using a massage chair.

A massage chair is a great way to relieve back, neck, or shoulder pain. However, it should be used moderately for maximum effectiveness and not overused. In addition to giving you instant relief from chronic back or muscle pain, massage chairs also provide other health benefits when used properly and in moderation.

You can use a massage chair twice a day for up to 15 minutes each time without any usage limit. Make sure the chair provides adequate support to your spine while using it–otherwise, it may injure you further!

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