10 Best Back Scratcher – Buying Guide & Reviews

When body itch, it’s difficult to resist the urge to scratch. Often scratching feels so good (provided that itching is not caused by some underlying disease) and you might be surprised to know that skin is the only organ that feels itch otherwise we feel the pain.

But what happens when you get itch over the places on the body where your hand doesn’t reach?  You got it right, either we ask someone to scratch for us or we rush to use age-old tool ‘Scratcher’.

If you are looking to buy a new back scratcher for yourself and overwhelmed with so many options to choose from then don’t worry. We have done the heavy lifting for you. In this article, we will see what are the points that you shouldn’t miss while buying the best back scratcher as well as our handpicked back scratcher options that you can buy from Amazon.

What is a Back Scratcher?

Back scratchers look like a small stick with the curved end at one side. Often the curved end has small teeth like projections that help to scratch the back. But being that said, now back scratchers come in various shape, sizes and made from a wide variety of material. Also, they come with several added features to help you scratch better.

If you are like me, you might want to settle with a simple back scratcher that serves the purpose but who stops you to get some added features with modern back scratcher?  They do not just help to scratch but has some additional benefits.

Benefits Of Using Back Scratcher

  1. It will help you to scratch the itch on the back where your hands won’t reach.
  2. You can use them to give a deep tissue massage on the back.
  3. You can use them while taking shower to gently rub and peel off the dead tissues from the back.

List of Top Back scratchers in 2019

D.M. Merchandising Back Scratcher Bear Claw 22″

Bear claw back scratcher are supposed to be strong and help to scratch the back with its long handle. D.M. Merchandising brought this to the market with a 22-inch long handle which has a telescopic feature so that user can minimize it when not in use.

Also, they are available with black, green, red and blue handle and come in a pack of 4 so that you can have them for spare or can gift them to your family members or friends. It is a cheap back scratcher that fulfills the basic needs and has thriving reviews on Amazon. The only downside of this back scratcher is that some users find it not that strong as it claims to be but scratching does not ask for strong handle or body what you need is just a simple scratcher that has tooth-like projections.

Last update was on: June 9, 2024 10:16 am

Telescoping Back Scratchers by DigHealth

One more telescopic back scratcher on this list which is termed as bear claw back scratcher. Though it almost looks like our first pick, it is a bit stronger and popular than the previous one. Also, it has a soft rubber handle with grooves to rest your fingers.

It is a portable massager too, it can massage your head, back and foot – seller claims. When it is in minimized position, it measures 7.8-inch and when extended completely it measures 22.25-inches long making it reach any spot on the back. The prime factor that differentiates this scratcher from the D.M. Merchandising back scratcher is it’s amazingly low price. There is a huge gap between the price of both later being the cheapest and also comes in the set of 5 while the previous one has 4 to offer.

Redneck Backscratcher – The Biggest Back Scratcher

If you have some extra bucks to spend on the back scratcher then ‘Redneck Backscratcher’ can be a good pick for you, especially for men. They termed it as the biggest back scratcher on the planet and when you look at its dimensions, you know that it really is. It is 20-inch long and 7.5-inch wide and has 15 flexible tines with contours so that it can easily fit the surface of your back.

It is made using the plastic for tines and wood for the handle and though, it worth the money we believe that it is a bit pricey to what it accomplished. Overall this is good back scratcher that you can gift to your loved one on their birthdays, on Christmas or as cool looking funny git.

Bearback Back Scratcher

Another well designed back scratcher on the list. Bearback back scratcher uses a uniquely designed handle that has pivot hinge so that user can fold it if require and comes with the non-slip grip that helps to hold the handle without letting it slip from your grip.

The first three scratchers on this list featured the tines to scratch the itch while this product uses the specially designed bristles. It looks like a small brush that will rub your back and for targeted itch one can use the bear knuckles that are present at the proximal end of the handle. The handle measures around 17-inch in length when not folded while when folded it measures 9.5-inch. The bristles of brush located at the distal end have tiny bulb shaped heads so that it moves effortlessly on your back and it also prevents the irritation while scratching that might be caused due to pointed bristles.

Funny Basswood Cat Back Scratcher

As the name suggests, this has a funny design that looks exactly like a stretching cat. It is 19-inch long and is good for scratching the targeted points. It has a sharp edge that can even relieve the worst itch.

It is a hand-crafted using the basswood and a sturdy product that can make a great gift to give your friends and family members or the person who loves cats. Though it is a sturdy scratcher, due to its design sometimes its use becomes difficult especially when you insert it under the clothes. Also, its price is a bit high for what you get and some users reported that the claws of the cat become somewhat dull.

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Reach N Scratch Plastic Finger

It seems like companies are on the race to develop unique looking back scratcher. Most of the back scratcher we reviewed so far has some unique design or features and this ‘Reach N Scratch Plastic Finger’ from Kinsman enterprises is not an exception.

It is a 24-inch long, curved and flexible back scratcher can able to reach the places where your hands won’t. Its flexible handle allows users to bend it or keep it straight while scratching. Though the fingers are not too sharp, they serve the purpose. The product is made from the plastic and fairly priced and received hundreds of positive reviews from the customers on Amazon platform. Overall, it is a fairly priced, descent back scratcher which is easy to store when you are not using it, thanks to its flexible handle.

Last update was on: June 9, 2024 10:16 am

Telescopic Stainless Steel Back Scratcher with Pocket Clip

Jugtech bought this product in the market and believe us, it is one of the cheapest back scratchers you can get as of now!. It is quite popular among the users due to its lowest cost among all and is sturdy enough as compared to its price.

The handle is made from the stainless steel and is extensible with the ability of telescoping so that users can close it when not in use. Also, it has a pen pocket clip to keep it hooked in place while storing. It measures 20-inch long when extended and 6.3-inch when closed. The head is made from alloy and five tines for scratching the back. It is a compact, durable and cheap back scratcher.

Though it is the cheapest option of all, its head is not that wide so does not cover the large area while scratching and some users experienced that the handle collapse during scratching the back. So, go for this option only when you are on a tight budget otherwise get some other back scratcher.

Last update was on: June 9, 2024 10:16 am

Bamboo Wood Back Scratcher & Self Massager

For those who love bamboo products, Quinlee back scratcher can be a good choice. If you are frequently getting itchy on the back and can locate the spot then this scratcher can do the trick. It is made from bamboo and approximately 18-inch long but the width of the head not so wide so you will only able to cover the narrow area at a time.

As like previous telescopic back scratcher, this one also falls in low budget back scratchers. It has four small embedded wheels with projections which can be used for massaging the back. It is a durable product but has less curve which may trouble some users.

Last update was on: June 9, 2024 10:16 am

Cactus Back Scratcher – Editor’s Pick

It is a uniquely designed back scratcher that does not use a stick or has any handle but uses the two straps so that user can use it as a back scrubber. At the center of the straps, it has 5-inch wide circular plate with projections that help to relieve the itch. Also, it covers a large area so you don’t have to worry about targeting the exactly itchy spot.

As the name suggests, cactus back scratcher has two different levels of spikes on both sides. Sharp pointed spikes can be used for aggressive scratching while less sharp projections can help in moderated scratching. This scratcher really does the trick and do not cut like the nails. In our opinion, this can be the best back scratcher for everyone because it can be used as we use our towel to dry our back.

Long Back Scratcher with Four Ball Rollings

Don’t fall for its woody look, it is made up of the plastic but sturdy than most of its competitors. It’s one end has classic back scratcher that just look like the human hand and on the other hand, it has four embedded ball rollings which helps in massaging the back.

Also, it comes with refund promise from the seller which says that the scratcher underwent the 5 quality checks before getting to the market. Overall, this 16.5-inch long scratcher can satisfy your itch but could not be as effective as others as it made from the plastic and smaller in length.

Best Back Scratcher Buying Guide

Back scratcher seems a simple device to buy but there is a lot of things that one should consider while buying it. In the modern era, they are evolved so much and has several features to look for. If you are not aware of what you should buy then this buying guide will help to understand the process.

Shape & Size – First of all consider what kind of shape and size is suitable for you. Though the market offers several type shape and sizes of the back scratcher, what’s right for me may not fit perfectly for you.

Some back scratchers are simple sticks while some come with a flexible handle that can bend as you want to make it easy to reach any part of the back. Some even use straps which are connected to both side of a small ball or a circular plate which has small projections, so that you can hold the strap in both hands and rub your back as if you are using a towel to clean your back.

Construction of scratcher – Some scratchers is made using wooden, silicon, plastic and metal material. Back scratchers made from wooden material are quite popular but over the last few years, plastic and metal back scratcher gained popularity as they come with few extra features like tubing to reduce or increase the length or they might bend as you like.

Price – Though back scratchers are relatively cheap devices, this might be the prime important thing to consider for some who are on a tight budget. You need to judge the price of back scratcher with its features, if you are convinced that the price is right for whatever features these products has to offer then you can buy.

We hope that this article might help you to pick the best back scratcher that you need under your budget, at least it might help you as a starting point to begin your research to find the perfect back scratcher. If you got one let us know how it worked for you or if you got any question for us then let us know in the comments.

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