Best Portable Bunk Beds For Camping/Indoor In 2022

When we were kids, bunk beds used to be great fun. These days, bunk beds come in different sizes, and there are ones that are highly portable. That means you can take them anywhere you go, making them a perfect fit for camping vacations.

Bunk beds have been in vogue for as long as you can remember. They are not only an old classic piece of furniture but also a great way to utilize minimum space and get your needs sorted. Over the years, bunk beds have evolved a lot. They have been used in hostels, dormitories, apartments, ships and even in makeshift homes. They are extremely popular among kids and adults alike and there is always some kind of fun and enjoyment about the bunk beds, especially for the upper bed. Here we bring you a buying guide to reinvent your furniture style the bunk bed way.

Portable bunk beds are a great way to add some extra sleeping space to your home without taking up too much room. These beds are perfect for small apartments, guest rooms, or even camping trips. There are a variety of different styles and designs available, so you can find the perfect set-up for your needs. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of bunk beds available, as well as the pros and cons of each option. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right setup for your needs and budget. So, whether you are looking for a new bed for your child’s room or an extra bed for guests, read on for all you need to know about buying portable bunk beds!

If you are planning for your next camping vacation, you might be interested in having a look at sturdy, durable yet portable bunk beds (popularly known as portable bunk cots) available for camping in 2022. In fact, portable bunk cots can be used for camping trips, sleepovers, bachelor parties, family road trips and so on. Before we move on, let me answer a common question about bunk beds.

Can Adults Use Portable Bunk Beds?

It depends on the bunk bed you are referring to. Yes, there are sturdy and durable bunk beds that are made for adult use as well. Even the ones made for kids can be used by adults as they can easily hold a couple of grown-ups. But that does not apply to all portable bunk beds.

What is Bunk Bed?

A bunk bed basically refers to a type of bed wherein you can find that there one-bed frame that is stacked upon the other bed, thus allowing the two beds to use the same floor space. These bed units are usually supported by pillars at each corner of the bed. Normally there is a ladder that is fixed to both the bed units which makes it easy for the user to occupy the upper bed. Extra railings can be added to prevent the person from using the upper bed from falling down from the height.

So, if you are a fan of a bunk bed then you need to make sure that you look into all your requirements. It is sure to make your sleeping experience more interesting and fun.

Best Portable Bunk Beds For Both Kids And Adults

We have done thorough research on the available bunk beds online and found only the best ones perfect for camping trips, sleepovers, bachelor parties, and family road trips.

Bunk Bed Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best One?

Following are some guidelines to assist you in choosing the perfect bunk bed.

Budget: Budget plays an important role when you are planning to furnish your home. Thus keeping your budget in check is very crucial. It is of the utmost importance when you want a bunk bed. Depending upon the composition of the material, branding, styling and other features, the pricing may vary ranging from a minimum of $200 which may rise as high as $1000, or sometimes even more than that. Thus, it is good to know what exactly do you want that suits your taste and at the same time provides a good value for money.

Material and type of bunk beds – Bunk beds these days come in a variety of materials but mostly they are of wood or metal. You can also find fiber bunk beds that are lightweight and durable. Wood is mostly the choice of materials for many as it shows great versatility and shape as well as style. They make for very good furniture in kids and an adult’s bedroom as they give a classic look. Metal bunk beds have their own advantage because they are portable and easy to shift anywhere. They are lightweight as compared to the wooden ones.

When it comes to the style of the bunk bed, there is a standard two-bed design one atop the other. Some styles also allow you to separate the two beds in case you have to. Other styles include an L-shaped design, a loft bed that leaves an empty space below for flexibility, desk, storage, or simply as a play area.

You can also find triple bunk beds where the upper beds are L-shaped that can be set in a corner. These days you also find foldable ones that can be made into a bunk bed and transformed into a study desk or a sofa. When it comes to the imagination of the style, it is entirely customizable. Beds made from metal are usually squeaky and tend to make noise while the ones crafted in wood can be given the final finish of your choice.

Sturdiness (Durability) – This is the most important aspect that you need to keep in mind because bunk beds are usually meant to be used by two or three people so they should be able to support the weight of the person. Metal beds are normally less sturdy than solid wood.

So, if you want a wooden bed, then you should go for the one that is crafted from solid wood rather than sheets of plywood or artificial woods. Wooden beds offer more stability than metal as wood is a heavier material. However, metal ones are also durable just make sure that you look at the quality of the metal it is made from. These days in the market you can find strong metal built bunk beds very easily.

Use of bunk beds – Some bunk beds are good for home use while some are good for outdoor use like camping. Usually, you will find bunk beds in dormitories, ships, or camps and even in the military, baby nurseries and kids’ playroom. It depends on the user’s purpose which one to prefer.

Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk Bed with Organizers, Two Colors

best portable bunk beds - Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk Bed with Organizers

All the bunk beds we have included in this list are very close in features, and it’s hard to say which one is the best. But this Disc-O-Bed can be the best option due to a very affordable price even after having everything that you look for in a portable bunk bed. So, if you are looking for a cheap portable bunk bed, I highly recommend you this one.

Made of polyester and available in three attractive colors (red, lime green and teal blue), this Disc-O-Bed is ultra-strong, compact, portable and modular. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. What is more likeable about this bunk is, you can use it as two single cots and a sitting bench.

You can expect to have ultimate comfort provided by its high-grade polyester sleeping deck. It does not require any mattress or middle brace.  Its frame is made of powder-coated and anti-rust steel. Two adults can easily use it as it can hold up to 200 LBS at a time.

It is highly portable as it can be easily packed and stored in 2 zippered, convenient polyester bags for both comfortable transportation and easy storage.  It’s just 45 pounds of weight also makes it a perfect portable bunk bed for camping. More importantly, it does not require any assembling. If you closely read live Amazon product reviews by real customers, you won’t find anyone who did not like it. That is why I highly recommend this bunk bed.

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Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot, Two Colors, And Sizes

Disc-O-Bed Large with Organizers

Slightly larger than the previous one, this is another sturdy camping bunk bed you will love. It is a little pricier than the last one due to its larger size and a few extra features.

This portable bunk bed fits two adults and is compatible with an extensive range of dome structures and tents that are normally used in recreational camping and other outdoor activities. It’s 11 in. Height off the ground and 21 in. The distance between two cots makes it perfect for use by adults.

Astonishingly, each cot has a weight tolerance of 500 lbs. The frame of the bunk is made of powder-coated and rust-resistant steel, making it a robust and ultra-strong camping bunk.

You can expect to sleep super comfortably in its 28’’ wide sleeping deck which dry quickly. You can easily remove the sleeping deck for cleaning or maybe for proper ventilation.

You already know this one, you get much more than the first one, but the most notable extra feature is its two side organizers to store your personal items. Overall, if budget is not a big problem and you are a frequent camper, look no further than this amazing portable bunk bed.

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Disc-O-Bed X-Large Portable Bunk Bed with Organizers

Disc-O-Bed XL

This bunk bed is more or less the same as the last one except that it is a little larger. Available in two different colors, it is strong, compact and portable. This fully collapsible bunk bed comes with two side organizers.

You don’t need any mattress for sleeping. This one is lighter than the last one but still 66lbs due to its X-large size.

Using this portable bunk bed, you can expect to enjoy your day without losing sleep to a bumpy and less comfortable air mattress or sleeping cot. Its modular disc system appropriately fits together in a comfortable carrying bed, making it highly portable. You can easily adjust to the uneven ground due to having a steel rail system that is designed for stability.

Most importantly, its polyester fabric sleeping surface and tough steel frame make it ultra-durable. If you are a regular camper who does not want to compromise with sleeping comfortably, you can trust this fantastic portable bunk cot. If you read the live reviews and answers to questions on Amazon, you will know why people love this bunk and you will too.

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Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot with 2 Organizers (for Outdoor use)

Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot with 2 Organizers

This one is a bankable cot that is suitable to carry during outdoor camping and also to be kept in dormitories. The bed system can accommodate two people very easily. It also has two side storage cabinets where the users can store their personal belongings. The beds are crafted in strong rust-resistant steel material that can support weights up to 500 lbs easily.

7-inch leg extensions are also provided to suit every person’s needs and height requirements. It does not have mid bars and thus provides a lot of space to sleep peacefully. The frame is designed so as to be able to stand on the uneven ground also.

The steel rail system gives it stability which helps you to sleep peacefully. When camping, the versatile bunk also doubles up as a bench. There are 2 organizers, a set of 4 leg extensions, and 2 cabinets in this bed combo. Its  U-clip design gives a snug fit while the cabinets have 3 interior shelves with moveable dividers. It can easily be attached to the bed end frame by hook and loop straps. Accessories are available separately if you want further customization. It is indeed a highly recommended product.

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Best Portable Bunk Beds for Indoor (Home) Use

Below listed are some bunk beds that you may want to buy for your homes.

Walker Edison AZWSTOTES Wesley Wood Bunk Bed Twin Espresso

Walker Edison AZWSTOTES Wesley Wood Bunk Bed Twin Espresso for home use

You may already have liked one of the previous portable bunk beds and made up your mind. If that is the case, just go for it.

This product from Walker Edison is constructed from strong pine wood that will give your room a classic appearance. It has a contemporary look with an integrated ladder and support slats are included in the design and no box spring is required, along with full-length guardrails for extra safety. Each of the beds supports around 250 pounds of weight and hence is very durable.

This bed comes in 7 color options of black, cherry, espresso, grey, honey, natural and white so you can choose any according to your own style. It is also possible to convert this bed into two single beds if the user wants. The weight of the product is around 112 pounds and the dimensions are about 65” h x 42” w x 80” l, and hence easily saves a lot of space. This bunk bed is suitable for persons of any age group and comes in ready-to-assemble condition with detailed instructions.

$255.40 $459.00
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Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed for Home Use

Stephan Full over Full Bunk Bed for Indoor Use

This bunk bed from Stephan is a full-size bunk bed with a striking design. It can primarily be used in the home and has a unique, modern contemporary style design that instantly catches the eye. The ladders have a curved design with two built-in twin ladders in the middle.

The entire bed is made up of strong durable metal and has been given a dark gunmetal color finish. Both the upper and lower bunk beds can support up to 400 lbs of weight easily. This bed is constructed out of a strong two-inch metal tubing that makes the design very sturdy and appealing. Even though it’s a metal bed the metal is not squeaky and thus very comfortable to use.

The bed is very spacious as well and two adults can easily sleep on one bed. The bars are the perfect height for the kids for safety. It is a bunk that has a modern vibe and one that fulfills your needs too. It is definitely a good buy.

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DHP Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

DHP Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

This twin bed from DHP is the perfect solution for saving space in a smart way for your home or apartment and other different spaces. It has a very simple, sleek, and secure design that is not only space-saving but also very modern and stylish.

The bed comes in five color options of silver, black, white, navy and pink that you can choose from. It is a twin over twin metal bunk bed that can accommodate two twin mattresses. There is a front ladder that attaches to the bed which is slightly slanted which gives extra safety. There are safety guardrails on the upper bed as well as a safety feature. The top bed supports up to 200 lbs of weight and the bottom one supports 400 lbs of weight comfortably.

The metal frame is very strong and sturdy and designed to meet all your expectations. The entire product ships in one box and is very easy to assemble and every part fits together perfectly.  Overall it is a great piece of furniture to have in your home.

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Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed

Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed

This is a simple bunk bed made of strong and durable metal that promises to make your kids’ sleeping experience fun. It has a design that will appeal to children of every age as they grow. The twin beds are also separable into two twin-sized beds if there is a need to do so. There is no box spring required for this bunk bed.

With three neutral color options, it will give your room a very aesthetic appearance. The dimensions of the bed are 4” H x 71” W x 40” D and has a full-length ladder that can be attached on any of the ends. you can even add a trundle to the bed to increase the sleeping capacity.

The trundle bed easily fits below the bottom bed and you can roll it conveniently beneath the lower bed. Beddings are however not included in the packaging of the product and need to be bought separately. The high-grade steel construction makes it strong and durable and the beds are given a powder coat finish. On the whole, it is one of the best models that you can ask for.

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Thinking of getting a bunk bed? Here are the excellent cool ideas from the below video.


  • What is the age limit/restriction to use bunk beds?

Usually, these bunk beds are not ideal for kids below 3 years old. Notably, the top bed is not recommended for kids below 6 years old. In many cases, it is always advisable for adult supervision when kids use these beds.

  • Do I need a ladder to get up to the top bunk?

No, usually the bunk bed set come with the ladder of stairs to get up to the top bunk. Even you can stand on the side rail of the bottom bed and swing the leg up to get onto the top bed.

  • Are bunk beds with stairs safer?

Yes, it is safer than the usual bunk bed set. But, it may require a little more space and money. It definitely makes kids get up and down safely.

  • Can bunk beds hold adults?

Most of the time, the answer is Yes. But make sure you have the adult bunk bed. The biggest concern about all bunk beds is safety. Hence, check with the manufacturer and guidance of the bunk bed model to find out the support for adults.


If you are looking for a portable bunk bed for your kids or anybody who are not particularly massive, you can go for Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk Bed (product one). You get a super quality bunk cot at an affordable price.

If you intend to buy a portable bunk bed for tall, healthier adults, you can go for any of the last four portable bunk beds reviewed in this article. In fact, a lot will depend on your budget, purpose of use, frequency of use, place of use, personal preferences, and so on.

I highly recommend you not to go for the other bunk beds online that are available at a much lower price with not many suitable features. You may not be able to use those for a long enough time. Thus, those might not be good investments.


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