Best Camping Tent Brands Available on Amazon

Are you someone who always loves to go for most reputed brands in the market? Are you looking for some of the best camping tent brands to make a perfect camping tent purchasing decision?

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We have already published several buying guides about selecting the best 2 persons tent and motorcycle camping tent selecting, here we list out the good camping tent brands for the family or individual camping experience.

Following are short and concise descriptions of some of the most reputed camping tent brands:

The Best Camping Tent Brands – Family/Individual


Founded in 1900 in Wichita, Kansas, Coleman is surely one of the most popular and most recognized brands for different camping products including camping tents. Other than camping tents, the company produces and sells airbeds, backpacks, sleeping bags, coolers, stoves, lanterns and so on. With 7 different designs of tents, Coleman is by far the market leader in the camping tent industry.

The designs of Coleman tents include First Pitch, Instant Tents, Dome Tents, Modified Dome Tents, Cabin Tents, Hinge Door Tent, and Backpacking Tents. All these designs of Coleman’s tents have a great number of sizes, allowing customers to choose the right tent based on their requirements. It takes less than 60 seconds to set up a Coleman Instant Tent and there are 13 different sizes and qualities of Coleman Instant Tents. There are 7 different sizes and qualities of Dome Tents, 10 different sizes, and qualities of Modified Dome Tents, 4 different sizes and qualities of Cabin Tents and 4 different sizes and qualities of Backpacking Tents offered by Coleman. Even they have the best tent for family camping for a good price.

coleman Best Camping Tent Brands in 2016

Coleman Sundome Tent, Coleman Montana 8 Tent, Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent, and Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent are among the most popular and best seller tents by Coleman. Coleman Sundome Tent is perhaps the most popular tent available on Amazon because of the combination of its quality and price. It has over 2400 reviews and still, the rating is 4.5 out of 5. It is a dome structure one door tent for two people. The modified dome structure Coleman Montana 8 Tent is a perfect tent for less than 8 persons in a camping vacation. Thus, it is great for extended scout leaders, camping trips, and family car campers. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent is a little costlier and even better quality tent for 8 people as it is more convenient to set up and transport. Coleman has the reputation of offering the most affordable yet highest quality tents among all the camping tent brands. So, we highly recommend you to look out for Coleman tents before purchasing any other brands available in the market.


Wenzel is another leading brand for outdoor products that people need for vacationing, backpacking and camping. It is really worth mentioning it in the best camping tent brands. The brand has recently celebrated its 120 years of establishment. Although the range of camping tents offered by Wenzel is not as big as Coleman, still, you can expect to have enough high-quality camping tents to find the one for yourself. There are a total of 21 different types of camping tents offered by Wenzel. These camping tents are designed for from one person to 8 plus people. The prices of tents offered by Wenzel are between $45 and $360. The use of technologies such as EZ Rise, Insect Armor, AirPitch, and Light Reflect in these tents ensures the rents are safe, strong and can be set up within minutes. These tents are very convenient for camping vacations as most of these are easy to set up, lightweight and feature almost all the features a camper can ask for in a camping tent. Wenzel Klondike Tent – 8 Person, Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent – 5 Person, Wenzel Great Basin Tent – 9 Person, and Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent are among the most popular and best seller tents by Wenzel.

best tent brands for family camping Wenzel

Dome structure 16-feet by 11-feet Wenzel Klondike Tent is a perfect tent for family camping vacation as it is spacious, strong and very weather resistant. It is the most popular camping tent offered by Wenzel. Other than camping tents, Wenzel has a wide range of products including Backpacks, Sleeping Bags and Packs, Airbeds, Rainwear, and other camping accessories.

ALPS Mountaineering

Last but not least in the list, ALPS Mountaineering takes the place. If you are interested to check more camping tent brands, you can check out the tents offered by ALPS Mountaineering. ALPS Mountaineering has a great range of outdoor activity products including camping tents, pads, lights, trekking poles, packs, furniture, knives, bags beds, and apparel. Other than camping tents, ALPS Mountaineering has three other different kinds of tents namely lightweight tents, backpacking tents, and outfitter tents. It offers 4 different types of camping tent series namely Meramac, Taurus, Camp Creek, and Camp Creek- two rooms. The Meramac tent series are all free-standing 2-pole design tents with aluminium ferrules or shock-corded fibreglass and cost between $100 and $220.

ALPS Mountaineering tents

Taurus tent series too are free-standing 2 pole design tents that cost between $130 and $170. The other two categories of tents offered by ALPS Mountaineering, camp creek and camp creek- two-room, both are free-standing tents with steel uprights and fiberglass poles for extra strength and they cost between $200 and $350. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent, ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 Tent, Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent, and ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent are among the best seller and most popular camping tents offered by Alps Mountaineering.

There are so many different other brands available online mostly with a great number of amazing features. You can choose the one that best fits your requirement. We do not ask you to go for any specific brand or product. But we hope our information about the best-camping tent brands will help you understand the different kinds and qualities of camping tents available on Amazon. So, surf around Amazon, take your time and understand the similarities and differences among different camping tents before making the final purchasing decision. Enjoy your camping vacation with your family and friends and have unforgettable memories.

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