6 Large Portable Generator Reviews [Must Read Guide]

What will you do to find yourself freezing in the middle of the night and realise the power has cut off? Rather than contacting the electrician or the energy supply company, a large portable generator is what you require.

Power outage becomes a serious problem at a workplace because the business activities come to a halt. In such a situation, a large portable generator will be of help. There are a number of products and equipment in the market that can help you deal with the power cut off for a day or two.

If the cut off is regular, then all you need is a generator. In case you have been in such a situation before, you would know that a large portable generator would be worth the investment.

When you are looking for a generator for your workplace, considering as many types of equipment as possible and reviewing them is a must. This article has reviewed a few portable generators that are worth the investment.

Make certain that you consider your needs as well as the budget before making any decision. Considering the warranty offered on the equipment is extremely crucial to know because it is one factor that determines if the generator is worth spending money on.

Below mentioned are basic benefits that you can get with the best large portable generators:

  • Simple to use
  • Mobility
  • Lifesaver
  • Easy to operate

Selection of Top 6 Large Portable Generators

Are you in search of a generator that will provide electricity to the entire office? The Westinghouse WH7500E generator can be a good idea. The review mentioned below will help you get an idea of how it performs. Make certain that you weigh all the details about the large portable generator before deciding.

The product details are listed below:

  • 420cc valve engine
  • Electric as well as manual start
  • Less noise while operating
  • NonCARB complaint
  • Improved control center
  • 9000 starting watts and 7500 running watts

Westinghouse WH7500E - 7500 WATT - Large Portable Generator

  • Simple operation: This equipment has two options to start, manual and electric. The LCD hour meter can help you know it’s functioning.
  • Overload indicator: one of the best features of the generator is the overload indicator. Sometimes, you might not know but the equipment is working beyond its capacity. This will damage the generator in the long run.
  • 4 outlets: the four outlets that it has are of great value as you can attach 4 different appliances.
  • Run time: this is the best feature of the portable generator. It can run for 12 hours maximum when on 50% load on a full gas tank.

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DuroMax XP10000E = 10000 WATT (Top Choice)

If you are looking for a generator that is ultra quiet, then the DuroMax XP10000E is a perfect choice.  It is even used at the US national Park it is super silent. It is one of the most preferred and rated generators in the 10,000 WATT category.  Knowing all the features would help make a wise decision.

The product details are listed below:

  • 10 hours run time
  • Multiple outlets
  • Perfect for use at home or job site

DuroMax XP10000E - 10000 WATT

  • Alternate choice: one of the most important pros of this generator is that it has an alternate option for gas and propane. So if there is a scarcity of gas, propane can be used.
  • Multiple outlets: it has many outlets, so multiple appliances can work together.
  • Power panel: it has 2 slots of 120-volt appliances along with handling high-powered ones.
  • Easy to start: it offers electric and recoil start for simple operation.
  • Top operation: the generator is equipped with many features such as spark arrestor, DC and AC regulators and low oil protection.

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Powerland PD10000E = 10000 WATT

If you want a machine that will power your HVAC system, then the Powerland PD10000E is the right choice. Not many portable generators provide power to the HVAC system, thus it is the best option for the office.  It is one of the most rated generators in the large category suitable for workshops, construction sites as well as homes.

The product details are listed below:

  • 12 hour run time
  • Lightweight
  • 8000 running WATT and 10000 starting WATT
  • 4-gallon fuel tank

Powerland PD10000E - 10000 WATT

  • Light in weight: being a large generator, it is one of the lightest in the category, weighing only 230 pounds.
  • Less noise: the generator is equipped with quiet muffler for quiet functioning.
  • Wheel kit: it comes with the XL pneumatic tires along with a front handle for simple maneuvering.
  • Run time: one of the benefits of the generator is its run time. Can run up to 12 hours on a half load.
  • Multiple outlets: it can power multiple things at a time like fans, freezer, well pump, refrigerator etc.
  • Cost effective: one of the affordable options in the large generator section.

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Generac 5802 XG10000E = 10000 WATT

A generator on which most people rely is the Generac 5802 XG10000E. Whether you want power for your job site or home, this appliance is worth considering. It is built with an engine that is made specifically for the generator.

The product details are listed below:

  • Single touch start
  • Not CARB Compliant
  • Less noise
  • Weight 300 pounds
  • Comes with battery

Generac 5802 XG10000E - 10000 WATT

  • Durable: Made of heavy duty metal, full wrap and 1 ¼” steel cradle for additional strength and durability.
  • Electric start: unlike the other generators, starting this machine is a 1-second work. Just with a single touch, the generator starts.
  • Large fuel tank: with 10 gallons of fuel the machine can run up to 10 hours on a half load.
  • Impressive features: comes with a number of impressive features like protective covers, never flat wheels, light power meter, fold down handle etc.

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Powerland PD3G10000E = 10000 WATT

The generator works of three fuels. Yes, you read that right. This is the best feature of the Powerland PD3G10000E generator that only a few offer. It is suitable to use for job site as well as home. Before you purchase the appliance, it is vital that you consider the features and reviews.

The product details are listed below:

  • Affordably priced compared to other generators of the same category
  • Electric start
  • Lightweight
  • Starting 10000 WATT and running 8000 WATT

Powerland PD3G10000E - 10000 WATT

  • Light in weight: among the portable generators of this category, one of the lightest is the Powerland PD3G10000E, weighing 243 pounds.
  • Tri-fuel: the generator can run on three fuel including gas, propane and natural gas. Thus, scarcity of gas, as well as propane, still leaves you an option to run on natural gas.
  • Simple operation: the functioning of the generator is simple and learning how to operate would not take time. Switching between fuels is also not complicated.
  • Cost effective: one of the reasonable options in this category.

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Westinghouse WH6500E = 6500 WATT

The Westinghouse WH6500E is one of the large portable generators that fulfill the criteria of supplying power to the job site as well as home. The company is one of the oldest and also most preferred when it comes to electric appliances.

The product details are listed below:

  • 420 cc engine
  • Electric and manual start options
  • 8000 starting WATT and 6500 running WATT
  • Quiet functioning

Westinghouse WH6500E - 6500 WATT

  • Full enclosure: this prevents electrical components and connections from getting damaged from the weather.
  • Four outlets: the generator has 4 outlets and thus plugging in multiple appliances at a time is possible.
  • Quick start: the generator has two options to start, electric and manual. As per your choice, you can choose the method.
  • Simple to set up as well as maintain: the Westinghouse WH6500E comes with a starter kit including a handle, funnel, and oil, as well as a manual, having set up instructions.
  • Easy use: The LCD screen on the front displays the run time and other settings. The controls have specific color and thus it is simple to learn.
  • Less noise: with the Pulse-Flo muffler, the sound made by the generator while functioning is minimal. You would not get disturbed by the sound, unlike the traditional diesel generators.

Last update was on: July 3, 2024 4:24 pm

According to the features, benefits, and reviews of the above mentioned portable generators, the most preferred and the most reliable one is the DuroMax XP10000E.

Before you make a buying decision, it is vital to know your needs as well as the budget because every large portable generator has different specifications and price range. Ensure that you do as much research as possible before buying so the equipment is worth the money you spend and also serve you for many years.

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