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There are a great number of things to check out when buying a new trampoline. Obviously, safety is the most important factor but the other factors such as brand reputation, quality of materials used, strong built, design, size, price, ease of setting up are no less important. The brand you choose is always very important whatever the product you want to buy as it is always a good idea to go for a reputable brand than a new and small brand. In this post, we are going to introduce you to some of the most reputable and best trampoline brands in 2109 in the market right now as a review.

Best Trampoline Brands Reviews in 2019


Skywalker- One of the Best Trampoline Brand

Skywalker Best Trampoline Brands

Skywalker is one of the best trampoline brands in the market for a long time now. Skywalker is known for delivering good value for money, quality built of their trampolines and very high safety rating. One of the safest Trampoline Brands you can find in the market. Being established in 2004, Skywalker has one of the largest selections of trampolines in the market. Their patented closure system makes each and every of their trampoline safe. Whatever the size of you need, Skywalker won’t disappoint you. It offers square, round, oval and mini trampolines. The frames of Skywalker trampolines come with one year warranty and other parts have 90-day coverage as well.

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SpringFree is another reputable trampoline brand known for offering quality and safe trampolines, innovative designs, and superior customer service. It is an innovative company because jumpers on one of the SpringFree trampolines will not land in the spring area. SpringFree does not use any springs in its trampolines. The prices of trampolines offered by SpringFree are comparatively higher than most other brands. While Skywalker trampolines cost between $400 and $800, SpringFree trampolines can cost as much as $2500. Frames of a standard SpringFree trampoline have at least 4 years warranty and all other parts have one-year coverage as well. They are famous for making outdoor trampoline for kids.

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JumpSport Best Trampoline Brand

JumpSport is one of the largest and oldest trampolines in the market offering a good selection of trampolines for over 20 years now. JumpSport provides maximum priority to long-lasting quality and safety. In terms of warranty offered, JumpSport is the best trampoline brand in the market as most frames of its trampolines come with 10 years or even lifetime warranty with all other parts having coverage for 2 to 5 years as well.

JumpSport Brand

Pure Fun

Pure Fun

Pure Fun is in the industry for more than 35 years offering all kinds of fitness equipment with trampoline being one of their major products. It designs its trampoline with safety and fun in mind. From small trampoline designed for kids to large outdoor trampolines, Pure Fun has it all. If you are looking to buy a small and stylish yet safe trampoline for your kids, we recommend you Pure Fun.

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Upper Bounce


Upper Bounce specializes in adult trampolines offering various sizes of quality and safe trampolines with round and rectangular shapes. If you are particularly an expert jumper, you can save big money by grabbing one of Upper Bounce’s models without an enclosure. If you are looking for quality trampolines at very affordable prices, we recommend you Upper Bounce. It offers a one-year warranty for frames and 3 to 6 months coverage for other parts.

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There are a good number of quality and best trampoline brands in the market. But buying a trampoline from one of these brands you can be completely sure of quality and safety.

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