Best Crossover Kayak in 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

In this article, we have enlisted the buying guide for the crossover kayak and some of the best crossover kayaks available online. We all are aware that kayaks are designed to serve specific purposes.

However, it becomes quite troublesome when you want to trade into different territory but get stuck because you do not possess the required kayak. Crossover kayaks are the best solution in such circumstances.

Crossover kayaks are general-purpose kayaks and no doubt why they have been gaining so much popularity lately. Spending money on various kayaks becomes expensive and inconvenient for many of us and hence, having a crossover kayak that can fit anywhere is truly a blessing. Crossover kayaks have the feature of both flatwater kayaks and whitewater kayaks, giving the user the best of both worlds.

They exhibit the resilience and manoeuvrability of a whitewater kayak and the stability of flat water too. So, if you are interested in having one, you have surely come to the right place.

List of Best Crossover Kayaks in 2022

Crossover Kayak Buying Guide

To help you get the ideal crossover kayak boat, check out these important points in the buying guide section below. 

Drop Down Skeg

The drop-down skeg helps the crossover kayak to stay stable and comes in handy during paddling in flat waters. The drop-down skeg is also good because it improves the tracking of the kayak. Usually, the skeg in the crossover kayak is retractable and can be taken out easily as and when needed.

One can put the skeg when taking the kayak in calm waters like lakes etc, and also lift it up when the boat is in a creek or a rocky river. This gives crossover kayaks an edge over other kayaks and makes them extremely versatile.

Hull Shape

For any kayak, the hull design is extremely important. Since crossover kayaks are made to be in any type of water, they have a hull that can be more rounded in shape than the other typical kayaks.

This type of hull design enables the crossover kayak to be controlled by the user in rough conditions and manoeuvre the kayak efficiently, providing excellent stability as well. The design of the hull is usually such that it suits both the whitewater and flatwater environments.

Storage Options

Storage is an important factor when it comes to kayaks. Generally, the crossover kayaks do not come with a large and spacious area. One should look for a crossover kayak with a storage hatch to keep your kayaking essentials in place. Some of them come with a dry bag that you can hang on the kayak, which will come in handy.

However, crossover kayaks are shorter in length compared to other kayaks. Thus, they are very portable and are also quite lightweight. One can easily fit a crossover kayak in the back of the car and can transport it wherever needed. This gives it an advantage over traditional kayaks. Being lightweight, they can also be carried manually with ease.

Though all these things are important when choosing the best crossover kayak, the price you pay is equally important. Choose what fits your pocket or see our tips to save money while buying a kayak.


First up on the list is the wilderness systems Aspire 105 kayak, which comes in an exciting range of colors to choose from, viz, atomic orange, galaxy, mango and midnight. It is a recreational kayak that is suitable for persons of all ages. It can also be extended to bear 100 pounds of extra weight.


The kayak possesses a spring-loaded skeg that provides enhanced tracking on every water terrain. There is a phase 3 AirPro seating system in the kayak that comes equipped with a leg, back and height adjustment system, sliding foot braces, and padding on the knee area to protect the user.

The hull of this kayak is made from strong and durable polyethylene material, which is shallow and narrow to give the user complete maneuverability. The chines of this crossover kayak are apt for beginners to control wobbling during the water.

Other features of this kayak include a replaceable skid plate, a moulded-in console to keep your gears, a cup holder, and a covered stern hatch to provide extra room for the kayaking necessities. The length of the kayak is about 10 ft 6 in and maximum weight-bearing capacity of 400 lbs.

On the whole, it is a complete package and hence highly recommended by us.

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Dagger Katana Multiwater kayak

Featuring the second position is the  Dagger Katana 10.4 Whitewater multi-water kayak has been named the “ do everything kayak” by backpacker magazine, 2014 gear guide. This is a crossover kayak with the ultimate modern avatar.

Dagger Katana Whitewater and Multi-Water High Volume Kayak

The Katana has a spacious cockpit area and is extremely water efficient. The hull of this crossover kayak provides the kayak with great stability and maneuverability due to its unique design. The balanced rocker profile of this kayak gives it great speed in the waters.

The kayak has removable bulkheads and reinforced hatches for storage. It also features an adjustable backband roto-molded seating system, an adjustable thigh brace, hip pads, and comfortable carry handles, among other features. The stern deck of the kayak is rounded in shape that enables the kayak to shed and move about easily in the waters.

Talking about the dimensions, the length of the kayak is about 10 ft 4 in and the boat’s weight is 56 lbs. Overall, a pretty good kayak for anyone looking for the crossover variant.

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Riot Kayaks Brittany 16.5 Flatwater Touring Kayak

The Riot kayak Brittany 16.5 is a flatwater touring kayak that comes in a striking shade of yellow and orange. The kayak is very modern, fast and offers great stability to the user. This kayak’s paddles will suit anyone’s needs, be it a beginner or a pro and thus makes it a truly great choice for anyone.

Riot Kayaks Brittany Flatwater Touring Kayak with Skeg and Rudder

There is an ample amount of storage in this kayak and is equipped with lifelines, safety straps, and a compass recess. Other important kayak features are its custom-fit seating system, 1 front and 2 rear bulkheads, paddle hook and a retractable skeg and pilot rudder system, etc.

Dual-density hatch covers and a day hatch cover are also included in this kayak. The kayak measures about 16.5 ft in length and weighs about 51 pounds. All in all, it is a kayak with all the essential things that one can ask for in a crossover kayak. 

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Dagger Kayaks Axis 12.0 Kayak

Last but not least on our list is the Dagger Axis 12.0 kayak. This kayak is sure to grab your attention at first sight because of its stunning Aurora color combination. This kayak is among the most versatile in the market with its unique transition modules and incredible design.

Dagger Kayaks Axis 12 Kayak

Standing at 12ft and a deck height of 15.25, it has a maximum load capacity of 350 lbs. This kayak performs excellently in all water bodies like lakes, fast-moving rivers, and ponds. The kayak is ideal for newbies as it gives the user great maneuverability and straight tracking from a drop-down skeg. The Dagger Axis has a spacious cockpit that provides ample room to move about and is ideal for larger paddlers.

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The kayak’s weight is 74 pounds and is truly one of the best options on the market. Overall, it is a good choice for anyone wanting a crossover variant.

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After reading this article, we are sure that you must have gotten a fairly good idea about what to look for in a crossover kayak. Crossover kayaks have more advantages over other kayaks and hence are surely a good investment if you are a kayaking enthusiast with any level of kayaking skills.

We hope that this article will help you make the best choice for yourself. So do not hold your horses and go out and enjoy the kayaking experience with these crossover kayaks you have always wanted.

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