How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost, is it Worth to Have?

The answer to how much does a massage chair cost can vary from user to user as there is not a single fit to all solutions available in the market. The price of massage chairs varies as per the features they come with.

Massage chairs relieve the tension and stress around your neck and back. The latest massage chair models utilize zero-gravity and reclining mechanisms to provide the best massages. The motors and vibrations of the chair massage your shoulders, head, and back for optimal comfort and relaxation.

There are various types of massage chairs available in different price ranges. Each of them has its own advantage and disadvantages. The high-end models available in the price range above $5000 come with advanced technologies and features. On the other hand, reasonable massage chairs below $500 are equally comfortable and effective. However, the features are often limited.

This article will discuss the price range of massage chairs and will see how much does a massage chair cost. The article also mentions the types of massage chairs and the cost of each type. Also, we provide reviews of the famous massage chairs available in different price ranges.

Massage Chairs under $500

Traditional and a few robotic massage chairs are available under the price range of $500. Most of the massage chairs in this price range are of 2 D type.

These chairs are constructed using faux leather upholstery. They are the most affordable massage chairs that come with a few vibration motors and single intensity settings. The features are limited yet some of the models come with a heating option.

In fact, there are models that also include armrests and a headrest for added comfort. The cup holders and storage pockets ensure optimal relaxation.

Example of  massage chair under $500:

1) Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Review

The Esright massage recliner chair comes with vibrating, reclining, heating, 360-degree swivel, and rocking features for optimal relaxation. The elegant and user-friendly chair features a faux leather design, ensuring maximum comfort.

Moreover, it comes with 5 control modes and 2 intensity levels, which can be adjusted manually. Hence, the durable chair with a reclining angle of 140-degree is a suitable buy available in the price of $305.

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Massage Chairs in the price range $500-$999

There are various types of massage chairs available in the price range of $500-$999, including zero gravity chairs, recliners, 2 D, and shiatsu massage chairs.

These massage chairs feature a full-body air massage for your shoulders, arms, calves, and buttocks. They are constructed using high-quality faux leather and are well padded for optimal comfort. The massage chairs in this price range come with a built-in heater and preset massage programs. You can customize the intensity levels and the massage program based on your preference.

Examples of the best massage chairs in the price range $500-$999:

1) OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair

OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair Review

The OOTORI full body electric massage chair is tested for performance and reliability. It allows you to choose from four pre-programmed massage modes. You also get to adjust the speed, type, intensity, and location of your massage.

The shiatsu zero gravity massage chair includes vibration, kneading, tapping, heating, foot rollers, and air massage technologies. Hence, it provides the ultimate massage experience.

2) Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair Review

The high-quality PU leather massage chair from Real Relax comes with six pre-programmed massage choices. It is a zero-gravity massage chair that provides a weightless feel while relieving pain and tension from the body.

The eight massage rollers, foot rollers, and airbags massage your shoulders, calves, legs, hips, feet, and arms for maximum comfort and relaxation. It is an ideal option in this price range as it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and smart control.

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Massage Chairs in the Price Range of $1000- $3000

Massage chairs in this price range come with an s-track system to massage the area from your neck to your tailbone. You can easily get a zero-gravity or recliner massage chair that provides you with a weightless feel. The technologies utilized by these massage chairs are highly advanced.

The pre-set massage functions offer a wide range of massage options to choose from, including Swedish, Shiatsu, and others. Most massage chairs also enable you to choose between different zero-gravity stages.

Types of massage chairs available in this price range are:

Example of massage chairs in the price range of $1000-$3000

1) RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

The Relaxon zero gravity massage chair comes with the longest L-track and three zero-gravity stages. You can easily recline the chair from 115-degree to 160-degree to meet our desired zero gravity position.

The reliable and durable chair includes 42 airbags that massage your full body with heat therapy. It also includes a foot roller, seven auto-programs, and three-speed settings for a customized massage experience.

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2) Osaki OS-4000

Osaki OS-4000 Review

The Osaki-4000 has been reviewed as the top 2 FDA zero-gravity massage chairs. The easy to use, durable yet comfortable massage chair includes two zero gravity stages and six pre-programs for optimized relaxation.

You can also adjust the speed settings as per your preference and requirement. It is equipped with the latest technology to ensure an auto body scan for precise and accurate massage of your legs, back, calves, arms, shoulder, and neck.

Massage Chairs in the price range of $3000-$5000

Chairs in this price range are equipped with advanced technologies. They also come with a variety of unique features, including an in-built Bluetooth speaker, footrest extension, automatic tilting, and calf massage options. You can connect your massage chair to your smartphone and listen to wireless music.

The high-end models offer heat therapy with infrared heating. You can adjust the zero-gravity position according to your preference. Moreover, the full-body scanner ensures massages with precision and accuracy. Hence, these chairs are worth the price.

Types of massage chairs available in this price range are:

  • Zero gravity massage chairs
  • 2 D, 3 D, and 4 D massage chairs
  • Robotic massage chairs
  • Recliners

Examples of Massage Chairs in the price range of $3000-$5000:

1) Ogawa Active L Massage Chair

Ogawa Active L Massage Chair Review

The Ogawa Active L Massage chair is a high-end and space-saving model that features a long SL-track for massaging the area from the back of your head and neck to your upper thigh. This zero gravity chair includes nine massage programs, including Swedish, kneading, shiatsu, tapping, rolling, or dual action.

You can easily adjust the speed, intensity, and zero-gravity position according to your requirement. Moreover, the adjustable ottoman makes it suitable for users of varying heights.

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2) 3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair

3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Review

The 3D Kahuna is a professionally crafted massage chair that comes with detailed finishing. It is easily available in the price range below $5000. It comes with an HSL-track and an anti-stress feature to ensure complete tension-free relaxation.

The special rhythmic technology of the massage chair provides air cell movements for increased blood circulation and oxygen levels. It also includes high elasticity balls that protrude through every inch for enhanced massaging.

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Massage Chairs over $5000

The massage chairs available for over $5000 are fully automatic and computer-controlled to provide a different level of massaging experience. It scans your body to understand the curves and contours of your back and spine. Hence, the chair ensures a complete body massage along with heat therapy.

You can easily get zero-gravity, robotic, and recliner massage chairs offering unlimited pre-set massage combinations. The chairs come with a high number of motors, rollers, and airbags that ensure accurate messages to the different parts of your body. These chairs also support Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to listen to your favorite tracks on the in-built speaker or mp3 player.

These may not be suitable for those under a budget. However, these chairs are worth their price because of their advanced features.

Example of massage chair over $5000

1) Osaki OS-PRO Maestro Massage Chair

Osaki OS-PRO Maestro Massage Chair Review

The Osaki OS-PRO Maestro massage chair is one of the best high-end zero-gravity chairs available in the price range of $5000-$10,000. It comes with a five-year warranty, which makes it a reliable choice to consider buying. The space-saving design of the chair allows you to place it anywhere you want.

It comes with four massage styles and eight auto-programs to provide you with a customized massage. The SL-track heated back roller and 4D massage relieve stress and tension in the area from your neck to your buttocks. It also comes with foot rollers to ensure optimal relaxation.

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Is it worth having a massage chair at home at these prices?

Massage chairs are smart and useful investment options that are worth making. You may need to pay a professional therapist over $100 per session. Hence, an appointment every week will cost you $3000 to over $5000 in a year. You can easily opt for a one-time investment by purchasing a highly advanced therapeutic chair from a leading brand.

Apart from saving future costs, the massage chair also offers you the convenience of relaxing and getting a free massage in the comfort of your home. You can sit back and relax while listening to your favorite music anytime you want. It saves you from the hassle of having to go to a spa or your therapist’s office.

Hence, having your own massage chair at home is definitely worth its price. Consider the features and choose a chair based on your budget.

Bottom line: Massage chairs offer comfort and relaxation while they relieve your overall stress and pain. It is a smart investment worth making. Here we discussed the different massage chairs available in various price ranges along with the features they offer.

Since it is a long term investment, it is essential to choose a high-quality model that comes with a 3+ year warranty. It will prove to be beneficial in the long run. There are many advanced massage chairs available at prices below $500. Hence, you can make a choice as per your budget.

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