What is the Best Time to Buy a Kayak & Save Money?

Who doesn’t love the deals that save some money while buying? 

You got us right, buying anything during the deals or a certain time of years gives the best bang for your bucks. Buying kayak is no exception to this rule. Whether you are a beginner or an expert kayaker, If you try to buy the kayak during the kayaking season you might end up paying a bit more than that of during the off-season.

Though It may sound strange to some buyers that there is the best time to buy a kayak for your adventure, you have to believe us on that. After all, it’s the money that counts!

Apart from the certain period of the year (usually at the end of August), during Memorial day & Christmas, holidays kayak enthusiast can grab the best deals that let them save some money while buying kayak. 

During the prime kayaking season, it’s hard to locate any seller that will put the kayak on discounted price. But if you visit the stores or keep your eyes on online eCommerce platforms like Amazon, chances are you will see some sellers that want to sell out the old stock of kayak under the name ‘End of season sale’. 

There are certain things that you need to consider while buying the best kayak, that includes –

  1. Your budget
  2. Type of kayak you want
  3. Its shape and size
  4. Where will you use it?

The market is filled will several types of kayak that are made to cater to the huge demand for the kayak. There is something for everyone. But choosing the right one at the right time makes sense. You need to consider the shape and size of kayak along with where you want it to use. Whether you are going to use it in lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans.

Apart from these important points, what matters the most is your budget and how can you get a sturdy, durable kayak that fulfills your requirement while saving some money by getting a discount from the seller.

Consider the Kayaking Season

So far you might be convinced that buying kayak during the peak kayaking season will not gonna help. You will spend a bit more than the average kayak price and will not be able to prepare enough for kayaking, you will literally rush into kayaking this way.

If you go exact opposite, buying kayak during the complete off-season for kayaking, you will get some discount but you will end up storing the kayak till the season arrives. 

The optimal time to buy the kayak is to find the sweet spot between off-season and peak time of kayaking. We would like to advise you to get the kayak a few weeks before the kayaking season starts.

There are certain enthusiasts who like to keep the kayaking thrill across the year and go kayaking during the off-season. If you are one of such kayak-frenzies, then make sure that you get your hands a right type of kayak. 

Need for Paddle

When you go for kayaking, you don’t just settle on the kayak but you spend money buying other necessary gadgets that support your hobby.

In this case, you have to buy a paddle. During kayaking, you have to stroke your paddle continuously even for covering the short distance. Paddle made from fiberglass or carbon is usually good picks as they are lightweight and easy to stroke. But the cost of fiberglass paddle will go above 150 to 200 bucks. So, if you are tight on a budget it is worth to wait till the season goes off and prices go below.

How to Save Money while Buying Kayak?

As we discussed, the best time to buy kayak is off-season but apart from that, you can always grab some seasonal deals, holiday deals, visiting outdoor expos or buying used or older models of the kayak.

Buying kayak at offseason is good for saving money but it does come with its disadvantages. During offseason, you will not able to get your hands on all the kayak models. Chances are you might have to select from the what shop owner has to offer. This way you might lose the opportunity to get a good model.

Buying older model – The one sure way to save the money and get a good kayak is to buy an older model or buying it from someone else who has a fairly good kayak but want to sell it out to upgrade to the new model.

Getting on the email list – If you are like us, who love to order the required tools from eCommerce websites then this trick may work. It is not the sure shot way to get the discount but may work sometime. You just need to sign up for the email newsletter of the website selling the kayaks. Such websites tend to send the individualized discount coupons to their readers via email

Grabbing the holiday deals – Sellers tends to put deals for most of their products during the holiday season. You can keep watch on such deals and if you found good deal chances are you can buy a good kayak at a fairly low price.

Buying used kayak – last but not the least option to save some bucks on a kayak is to get it from someone else who used it and selling out. You can bargain for a low price if you find the kayak is in a good situation in spite of using it for fairly enough weeks or months.

Overall, keeping your eye open to hunt the great kayak deals and buying it during the off kayaking season helps saving money while allowing you to enjoy the most thrilling water sport.

Hope we are able to help you guide to understand the best time to buy a kayak. If you have any other suggestion that you think will benefit our readers then you can leave a comment below, we love them! 😉

David Donald

David Donald

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