Best Whitewater Kayak for Beginners

To help all the beginners waiting to try out the kayaking experience, we have made a list of all the best whitewater kayak for beginners available in the market.

For any adventure junkie, whitewater kayaking is an activity that is definitely on his list. But it is not something that can be done just like that. For whitewater kayaking, you need special types of equipment and training, especially if you are a beginner. Once you have got the grip of the techniques and ideas that are essential for kayaking, then you will need to try out a few kayaks yourself. Any kayaking enthusiast will agree to it that to get the best out of this amazing activity, a great kayak goes a long way.

Best Whitewater Kayak for Beginners

Whitewater kayaks come in all sorts of varieties and features and hence there is a chance you may feel like a bull in a china shop when you go kayak shopping.

List of Best Whitewater Kayak for Beginners

White Water Kayak Buying Guide 

For any novice, it is imperative that he understands all the nitty gitties of kayaks to get the best experience. Knowing what exactly you want comes in handy while choosing the best whitewater kayak for beginners. The moment you have got it figured out then you can look for other extra features like the shape, type, design of the kayak according to your taste. Keeping this in mind, here are a few things that you must consider before buying a kayak.

Hull design

Hull, also known as the exterior of the shape of the boat is a very important factor when buying the kayak. There are different types of hull such as the flat bottomed or planning hulls, round bottom hulls, etc. The design of the hull is important as it provides stability and sturdiness to the boat. In case of rough waters and strong turbulent boats, the hull helps the boat to take the impact and stay aligned.


Rocker of the kayak makes the maneuverability of the boat easy.  Rocker is basically the upward curve that a kayak has. A flatter curve will make it a little difficult to ride the boat compared to more curved ones.  The rocker also ensures that the boat takes the impacts of rough landings and make their way smoothly through the whitewater. It is also helpful in maintaining the tracking and handling pace.–qEm4c


Chines come in different variations such as hard chines and soft chines. A chine is basically the part at the bottom of the waterline. Hard chines are great for stability and agility and can withstand the impact of the water flow and currents very effectively. However, they do have some disadvantages. Softer chines give softer handling but one has to put in more effort while steering the boats.

Material and built of the kayak

Kayaks require good stability and maneuverability to take to the twist and turns of whitewater. An ideal kayak should be lightweight and highly durable and waterproof. Kayaks come in different materials namely polyethylene fiber, hard plastic, inflatable plastic, etc.  Ample storage area and comfort is also necessary. Excellent stability is of utmost importance as it ensures that the kayak does not overturn itself.


The essential accessories that come with your kayak are paddles, a dry bag depending on the activities that you wish to do. One must always carry a spare paddle in case of emergency. There are ample accessories available in the market to put in your kayaks and hence one can always customize.


The pricing of the kayak relies on a number of factors including the material, built, brand, etc. a fiberglass model could cost you less about however, lightweight kayaks are priced high. One can also find second hand or refurbished ones for a low price but it is no harm in buying a new one. If you buy kayak during the right time of year, you might end up paying less and will save some money.


Dagger Kayaks Zydeco Kayak

Debuting on the first position is the Zydeco series whitewater kayak from Dagger coming in two attractive color options of lime and molten. The look of the kayak is very stylish and modern. The important features of the kayak include slide-lock foot brace system, stern hatch, a paddle park, retractable skeg, CFS-R seating system, etc. With so many features, it can be the best whitewater kayak for beginners.

Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 11 Kayak

The weight of the kayak is about 48 pounds and the dimensions of the kayak are about 134 x 27.8 x 15 inches. You can not only use it for whitewater but can also use it for fishing activities. It is very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere anytime. The maneuverability and the stability of the kayak is excellent in still waters and turbulent waters alike.

Talking about the storage, space is enough to store all your kayaking essentials dry and safe from the waters. The seats are very comfortable as well. Overall it will perfectly fit the bill of any kayaking beginner.

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Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle

This kayak from Lifetime is a sit-on-top kayak with paddles and comes in two styles 2-pack and single. The hull design of the kayak provides it great stability and mobility in the whitewater just perfect for any beginner. It also comes with scupper holes and a drain cockpit area along with a molded paddle cradle.

Lifetime Lotus Sit On Top Kayak with Paddle

The other important features of the kayak include a tank well storage area with bungee cord lacing to fasten the items that you carry while kayaking. The item weight of this kayak is about 38 pounds making it very lightweight and portable.  The most important thing is that it comes with a 5-year warranty and UV protection and is also crack, peel ad wear-resistant.

The kayak is made from high-density polyethylene material making it durable and strong. Multiple footrests are also available and can be adjusted according to the user. on the whole, it is a great choice for any beginner.

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Emotion Spitfire Sit-On-Top 8 Foot Kayak

Another offering from Lifetime, the Emotion 90245 is also a sit-on-top kayak. This kayak will have you raving about its performance, durability and excellent stability. The kayak has good amount of speed in the whitewater due to its hull design.

Emotion 90245 Spitfire Sit-On-Top 8 Foot Kayak

The standard feature of the kayak is the self-bailing scupper plug holes in the cockpit that help to keep the insides of the boat dry. It is crafted from high-density polyethylene material that provides it excellent strength and durability. The kayak has molded-in foot bracings that give the user secure foot resting.

Not only this, the kayak offers net lacing for your gear storage and also has sufficient space to sit. The weight of the kayak is about 3.97 pounds and the product dimensions are 96 x 31.5 x 14 inches. Overall a good choice for any beginner.

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Lifetime 6 Foot Yellow Youth Kayak

Next on the list is another offering from Lifetime. The Lifetime 6-foot yellow youth kayak is perfect for recreational activities and for all folks including kids, adults, and beginners.


The kayak is wide giving enough space and ease of paddling to the user. The kayak is equipped with multiple footrest positions and ensures great stability. The cockpit has an ergonomic design that gives the user great comfort and motoring and maneuvering skills. There are also molded handles on both the sides of the kayak.

It is extremely lightweight kayak, weighing just about 18 lbs making it portable to carry anywhere. A reverse chine is given in the kayak for enhancing the stability of the kayak. The exterior dimensions of the kayak are 96 x 24 x 9 inches. A perfect kayak for any beginner and hence highly recommended by us.

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Intex Explorer Inflatable Kayak with Aluminum Oars & Air Pump

The Intex K2 is an inflatable kayak ideal for 2 persons. Crafted in durable and wear-resistant vinyl material, this kayak is sturdy and gives great stability to the user. It has 2 aluminum oars and an Intex high output pump for inflating the kayak. 


The seats are extremely comfortable and come with backrests as well. The weight of the kayak is about 17 pounds so that you can carry it easily with you. The I-beam floors and handles make maneuverability effortless due to its incredible design. It has an exceptional strength even in rocky, turbulent waters and is as durable as any hardshell kayaks.

The paddles are suited to persons of any age. Because of its design, it is truly a standout when it comes to the other varieties of similar kayaks. The assembly of the kayak is hassle-free and anybody can do it. On the whole, it is a really good alternative for any beginner wanting to pursue kayaking. 

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Bali 6-Foot Sit-on-top Kayak

Debuting on the 6th position is the Bali sit-on-top kayak by Sundolphin. It comes in 3 great color options of red, tangerine and ocean. It is a lightweight and versatile kayak suitable for any age group.


The cockpit area is open and wide giving enough space to the user. The foot molds are graduated to accommodate the paddlers of practically any size. The dimensions of the kayak are 72 x 24 x 8 inches and have a weight-bearing capacity of around 140 lbs. The kayak is crafted in a strong, rugged UV stabilized Fortiflex high-density polyethylene material that makes it super sturdy and loaded for bear in the whitewater.

The weight of the kayak is about 26 pounds and also includes paddle holders for convenience. If you are looking for a budget kayak then this should definitely be on your list.  

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Perception Kayak Tribe Sit On Top for Recreation

Next up is the list is the Kayak from Perception. It is another sit-on-top variant available in the market. The Tribe is a kayak that is suited to both beginners and pros alike.

Perception Kayak Tribe Sit On Top for Recreation

The interiors of the kayak are super comfortable with a wide seating area and spacious enough to accommodate all your kayaking gear and other important stuff. The kayak comes equipped with multiple footrests that make it the preferred option for paddlers of all sorts. The kayak also comes with a drink holder and adjustable seatback positioning system.

The length of the boat is about 11.5 inches and the weight of the kayak is about 52 lbs. It provides great stability in the whitewater due to its design and has a great functionality wherever you carry it. The assembly of the kayak is totally hassle-free hence a great option for the beginners and novices. This kayak is sure to blow your mind with its excellent features, highly recommended by us. 

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Kayaking is an exhilarating sport. We hope that this article gave you all the required insights about the requirements of a great performance kayak. Any type of risk can be mitigated if you have the right knowledge about the kayaks.

So, get ready to get that adrenaline rush, pump up and get going on your kayaking adventure and do not undermine yourself as a beginner.

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