4 Efficient Dumbbell Exercises for Abs – Men and Women

One of the most desired results of working hard in the gym for months is getting a six-pack abs that makes someone look so very handsome and strong. But making a six pack abs takes real hard work and dedication. Again, it is important to understand the right techniques and practices to have a perfect shape of your abs. Some of the most effective exercises for abs include using dumbbells. Here are some of the most common and highly effective dumbbell exercises that can get you a solid six-pack abs in real quick time:

best dumbbell exercises for abs

Are you looking for weights to buy online? here are our points why Amazon is a great place.  These leg exercises will help your legs fit and shape in easy way. Even though there are several exercises you can do without any equipment for Abs, but using dumbbell during the exercise will help in burning more fat and get a fit Abs.

4 Efficient Dumbbell Exercises for Abs



As the name suggest, this exercise involve swing a dumbbell and put pressure on the muscles on your abs. The recommended weights are 8kgs for beginners, 12kgs for intermediate and 16kgs for advanced exercisers. This is one of the best Ab workouts with dumbbells for men to try at home or gym.

Hold one end of the dumbbell, stand with your feet just a little wider than the width of your shoulders, bend your knees and swing the dumbbell decently back through your legs. Then, pop your hips and swing the dumbbell to your eye level. Continue the process for 8 to 16 times and take rest for 90 seconds in between sets. At least 8 sets are recommended. If you are using an adjustable dumbbell, make sure you adjust the plates quite firmly.

swing exercise for abs



For this one, stand with your feet slightly less wide than your shoulders; hold the dumbbell with both of your hands up and to one side of your head (at least above your ear level) with arms outstretched. Then, chop the dumbbell down around your body and squat as you go so that the dumbbell ends up right next to your opposite shin. Return to initial position and continue the process for 8-16 times and change sides. This is not the easiest of dumbbell exercises for abs so you have to be really careful choosing the right weight and handling the dumbbell. It is recommended you start with comparatively small weight and increase the weights after every few days.

woodchop dumbbell exercises for abs


Side Bend

This one is easier than the ones mentioned before. Just stand with your core braced with your feet your shoulder-width apart, hold a dumbbell in one hand and bend down to the side you holding the dumbbell. After that, return to the initial position. Continue the process for 8-16 times and change side. And continue the process for the other side. At least 4 sets are recommended for each side. Make sure you take rest of 90 second between sets.



Russian Twist

This one is another effective dumbbell exercises for Abs that will help you make your ads look cool in just weeks. Just sit on the floor with your feet in the air and knees bent leaning backwards. Now, hold a dumbbell with both of your hands in front of your sternum and rotate that to one side. Then, twist the other way and return to the initial position to complete the first rep. Continue the process for 8 to 16 times. At least 4 sets are recommended.


These are some very common but highly effective dumbbell exercise for abs. Make sure you do these exercises regularly and increase the weights gradually to have a six pack in just weeks.

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