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As a fitness trainer, I always prefer buying equipment online because of the great offers one site can provide. My personal favorite has always been www.amazon.com and since I ordered my jump rope back in 2006 I always get back to this website, maybe because of the trust I have developed for it. Here is the review of a few items on wholesale gym equipment and where you can buy them online.

Besides my profession as a fitness trainer, I’m a gym owner too. I own a small gym near my place and when I needed to equip my gym with machines, swiss balls, jump ropes and weights I also go on Amazon.com and choose my personal favorites. I usually buy couple pieces of one product such as Jump Ropes, Fitness Balls, Foam Rollers and more. This way I feel comfortable with the prices and I get FREE Shipping too, which is of great help for me.

Wholesale Gym Equipment For Sale 2017

I decided to make this review post on wholesale gym equipment for sale and for me the top rated products I had experience with and tried myself. These wholesale exercise accessories from Amazon will make your purchase and delivery easy.

Wholesale Gym Equipment For Sale – Click Here to Buy Them Now

Before I go straight on the products I got to say that when I selected these products I was aware of their potential quality because for me QUALITY means everything. It means satisfied customers, more customers, and better income. When you buy in large quantities be aware of the possible quality issue, and always check the products once they arrive.

My Favorite Wholesale Gym Equipment For Sale Products list

1.Foam Roller CanDo High Density Black 6×12 Inch

The money I spent on buying foam rollers has been by far the best investment in my gym. This is one of the best wholesale gym equipment you should have in your gym or home.

I bought a couple of these CanDo High-Density Rollers back in 2014. What I love about these is that they can be used for multiple actions such as muscle massage, balance training, positioning training, and postural training. As I have classes with both amateur and professionals athletes I want for them to take care of the body before and after every training session. Once I started my own gym I immediately ordered these and so far they are incredible!

Product Dimensions and Forms

The dimension of the foam rollers can be 36, 18 and 12 inches with two different forms of rounded and half rounded foam roller.

What about the price?

The price of the rollers is just around $10 and by buying more than 3 you get FREE Shipping.

If you ever think of buying foam rollers then I definitely recommend the CanDo Density Roller.

Where to order?

Visit the following link to place your order on the product

2.BODYSPORT Yoga Fitness Balls.

In our next whole gym equipment for sale list, Yoga fitness ball. I personally have been in many gyms over the course of my fitness career and, in the beginning, few of them were lacking fitness or Swiss balls. At the time when I was training basketball, I worked my core a lot because it’s the key to explosiveness, endurance, and strength. Strong Core = Strong Balance and these balls are perfect to work on it.

BODYSPORT Fitness Balls are the balls I picked for my gym, and so far they have proven to be worth for every penny I spent.

Product Specifications

They have a 500-lb static weight capacity, are latex-free, and can be bought in different sizes.

Below I bring you the sizes of the balls-

*45 cm(4’7”-5’0”)
*55 cm (5’1″ – 5’6″)
*65 cm (5’7″ – 6’1″)
*75 cm (6’2″ – 6’8″)
*85 cm (6’9″ and taller)

There are 5 different colors of the balls including:

– Yellow
– Green
– Purple
– Red
– Teal.

What about the price?

BODYSPORT fitness balls can be bought for just under 25$ and once you buy two of these you get FREE SHIPPING to your house.

Customer Reviews

If you don’t trust my pick, you can easily see what many other people have to say about these balls. Check on www.amazon.com.

Where to order?

I already included links above, but if you have problems finding the right link then visiting the following link,

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3.BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

As I said earlier in the post I was madly obsessed with working on my balance and core strength in my 20’s. Back then I didn’t have an opportunity to work on BOSU balls because the first one was produced a few years later. I personally prefer the typical Swiss or Fitness Ball, but I’ve noticed that many athletes especially professionals use the BOSU Ball for increased ankle and leg strength, stability and upper body strength too. That’s how I actually decided to buy 4 of these for my gym.

I can say that I’m very satisfied by their quality and it has proven that it can do wonders for an increase in the performance of one athlete. I highly recommend getting one for yourself!

Below I bring you a couple important information on the product.

Product Specifications

The Bosu Ball weights less than 19 pounds, is produced in the USA and is Latex-free. It has that non-skid/marking base and it’s designed by having a base, blue dome, grey clamp, and foot pump.

What about the price, is it worth the money?

Purchasing this product is 100 percent worth the money you spend.

I bought my Bosu Balls for around $150 each, but now if you visit the order site on Amazon.com you will see that the price of one Bosu Ball is less than $150. The order includes FREE SHIPPING to your house too, which is excellent.

Where to order?

You can order your Bosu Ball on the following link,

That would be all from today’s review post. I hope I helped you choose the right equipment for your gym again, and I really hope that I can continue giving advice when it comes to buying quality fitness equipment.

Take a look at the products above, because these are ones I used and I still do on a regular basis with my clients and have proven to be the right choice for my gym. This list will be helpful in buying wholesale gym equipment online.

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